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OPSU Success Story: Justin Roark

Released by OPSU Campus Communications on 04/26/2016 Justin Roark— Courtesy photo Justin Roark— Courtesy photo

Goodwell, Okla. — Justin Roark graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in December of 2012 with Bachelors of Business Administration degrees in both Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. Roark is currently employed at Flogistix in Pampa, Texas.

Roark started as an entry level warehouse employee and has been promoted over the last two years as the Warranty Administrator, Warehouse Supervisor, and he is now in the Engineering Department where he plays a pivotal role in a lean six sigma project that will affect Flogistix’s entire manufacturing process.

He stated, “I spent the first year working extremely hard long hours and often questioned why I followed through with college but then I noticed I was always getting promotions and raises when no one else was moving up. Then as I moved up, I started seeing where my education is playing a huge role as to why I’m gaining such good experience and success.”

Roark added, “As I have moved up the ladder I have been increasingly aware of the benefits my education from OPSU has provided. The management techniques were helpful but it was the way we were taught to work in groups with different students with different projects that gave the real world value to the education. I believe hard work along with this education will provide a very rewarding and upwardly mobile career.”