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Strong Foundation Propels Rose to Success

By Alexandria Trujillo, Panhandle State Collegian on 12/14/2016 Panhandle State Graduate Ben Rose —Courtesy photo Panhandle State Graduate Ben Rose —Courtesy photo

Goodwell, Okla. — It is always a proud moment when we are able to watch our Oklahoma Panhandle State University alumni continue on to do great things. Class of 2014 graduate Benjamin Gary Rose is one of those people who carries his Panhandle State pride with him as he builds his life.

Benjamin Rose is from Tulsa, Okla. and found Panhandle State in search of an affordable university with a small-town feel.

While attending Panhandle State, Rose was involved in a wide variety of organizations and activities. He was a staff writer for the newspaper The Collegian, a DJ for KPSU radio, a member of the Images Art Club, a member of the OPSU History Club and was consistently involved in student government. He also explained that he “was very blessed in my three years at OPSU to have a number of friends and mentors that impacted my life. Brad Duren, Brent Shoulders, and Russell Guthrie, are just a few of the mentors and role models I found at the university.”

Rose received a B.A. in History in May of 2014, after only three years at Panhandle State, then immediately pursued an M.A. in History from the University of Central Oklahoma where he met his wife, Shelby Rose, who is a first year special education teacher currently pursuing her own graduate studies in Bilingual Education and Educational Leadership. After completing his M.A., he took the LSAT, and is now pursuing a law degree at Oklahoma City University School of Law on a scholarship. Rose stated, “the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences and, more particularly, the courses I took with Professors Duren and Maille, set me up for success both as a graduate student of history and a law student.”

He credits his mounting success on the great foundation that he built off of his start at Panhandle State. He explains, “OPSU allowed me opportunities that I would not have had elsewhere. It made me who I am, and continues every day to allow me more opportunities for success. I owe all current and future successes to the exemplary education I received as an undergraduate student at OPSU. It is the attitude of both myself and my family that choosing to study at OPSU was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Benjamin Rose is currently living in Edmond, Okla. He is a Lifetime Member of the Panhandle State Association of Alumni and Friends. His favorite memory at Panhandle was taking part in the Images Art Club Dorm of Doom. He mentions, “My advice for all current students is to take part in as many diverse experiences and different organizations as you can. The skills I developed while involved in organizations at OPSU have helped me as much as the degree itself.”