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Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Green

By Anyssa Barbosa, Panhandle State Collegian on 02/02/2017 Sarah Green—Photo by Panhandle State Campus Communications Sarah Green—Photo by Panhandle State Campus Communications

Oklahoma Panhandle State University has many people who contribute to the success of its students, and Sarah Green is most definitely one of those individuals. Her bright smile meets students who are transitioning from high school into the college life and offers them advisement in the major decisions they make toward their educations.

Mrs. Green is from Goodwell Okla., and followed her long family tradition in attending Panhandle State just as her brother, parents, and grandparents before her. After graduating from Panhandle State, she received her Master’s degree in educational counseling from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Mrs. Green is married to a Colorado native and Panhandle State Rodeo Alum, C.A. Green, and together they have one son who is in seventh grade at Goodwell Middle School. Mrs. Green enjoys spending time watching her son’s sporting events as well as watching the Dallas Cowboys and Oklahoma City Thunder with her family.

Mrs. Green has been working at Panhandle State since the fall of 2007 as an adviser, and she also teaches bridge courses to students who have a difficult time transitioning to the college curriculum. She helps those who struggle to understand certain subjects. Around campus, Mrs. Green has been a part of the Coat Closet Initiative that allows students who aren’t prepared for the cold weather of the Panhandle to pick out coats to suit their needs. She has also been a part of the Financial Aid Committee, which helps students understand the educational choices and the impact it has on their lives.

When asked what she loves most about Panhandle State, she states, “I love the atmosphere. I love knowing my students, and that my students know me. I believe that allows me to have a more personal impact with the students I work with.”

Green has developed a great reputation with her students, and her excellent work has shown through her long-time commitment to the university and those who attend.