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Staff Spotlight: Howard Henderson

By Sklar Behne, Panhandle State Collegian on 07/20/2017 Howard Henderson —Photo courtesy Campus Communications Howard Henderson —Photo courtesy Campus Communications

Howard Henderson is the Head of Panhandle State’s Information Technology (IT) department. Henderson received the Fall 2016 Employee of the Semester award.

His current job responsibilities involve maintaining and developing campus network and wifi; maintaining phone & voice mail system; PC repairs & maintenance to servers, projectors, and sound systems; maintaining ITV studios for distance learning; Banner (enterprise system) report programming; and custom programming and application support as needed. Mr. Henderson maintains a team of IT specialists that work with him to ensure that the network and computers of the college run smoothly.

Henderson has been working at Panhandle State for 27 years and has lots of experience in the field. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Panhandle and then served as an IT Director at South Plains College for two years before attending the University of Texas in Austin and attaining his MBA with an emphasis in Information Systems.

Henderson said technology has changed since he began working in the IT department. Just prior to the time Henderson started, he said that everything was kept on paper and it was unimaginable how much the future would change to the world we live in today. “Technology is opening up a whole new world of opportunities, convenience, and new ways of doing things, while also creating a new set of challenges in managaing and surviving all the changes. There was no such thing as email, websites, or campus network when I started at OPSU.”

Howard takes networking security and the computer field very seriously. Henderson faces day-to-day issues ranging from minor computer repair to more serious issues such as hackers attempting to spam students and staff and constantly looking for ways to take control.

Henderson takes a very active interest in the students at Panhandle State. He helps them if they need it with problems such as computer repair and work such as network coding and database design.

Mr. Henderson is a generational farmer and enjoys farming and maintaining his land. “Farming is a big part of my life,” said Henderson. He enjoys taking on challenges that he can overcome. Henderson also enjoys collecting farm equipment like tractors. Howard Henderson is one of the many great employees at Panhandle State. His passion for excellence will continue to maintain and keep Panhandle State great.