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Alumni Spotlight: Hector Cobos Leon

By Brian Martinez, Panhandle State Collegian on 08/08/2017 Hector Cobos —Courtesy photo Hector Cobos —Courtesy photo

Hector Cobos Leon graduated from Panhandle State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and a minor in Photography in the Fall of 2010. Hector was an inspiration on campus as a student, and continues to make an impact as he works as a potter and ceramic artist.

Hector is originally from Guymon, Okla. and he currently resides in Oklahoma City with his wife Melissa. He lives, works, and displays ceramic art in the Paseo Arts District and says, “I am truly blessed to be where I am and fortunate to create art for a living. My work has been displayed in galleries throughout the nation.”

Cobos was initially inspired by collegiate artists. “While in High School, I found an interest in the arts and was inspired by collegiate artists who would visit and demonstrate their work. Since then I have studied under living legends.”

He finds inspiration for his work in all countries and continents through different pottery styles in addition to techniques, cuisine, and tools. For example, both kneading and sieving are steps in the ceramic process as well as steps used in cooking. Staining pottery can also be compared to egg washing a crème brulee.

Teaching, cooking, eating, and traveling on food tours are among Cobos’ favorite hobbies that tie in with his work. Cobos feels as though he is always in both teacher and student mode dealing with dozens of students interested in the process and with different walks of life. He also works with collegiate groups like our local Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) chapter.

A very active student while on campus, Hector was a Student Ambassador, student photographer, member of Images Art Club, a member of the cross country team, and involved at the BCM. He is still very involved with the University today. Most recently, Hector was a featured artist at the annual Art Jubilee.

Panhandle State Art Instructor, Brent Shoulders, spoke of his former student, “Hector is quite possibly the most talented and driven artist to come out of OPSU. His drive was evident early during his years in the department as he soaked up knowledge, not just from professors, but from students, magazines, articles, the internet, and more. He is truly a great example of taking an education seriously and striving to apply that education to his career!”

Cobos says that even though Panhandle State is a smaller campus, it opens up a whole passport full of other worlds.