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Staff Spotlight: Sue Etbauer

Submitted by Kashly Schweer on 09/13/2017 Sue Etbauer —Photo Courtesy Chris UriasSue Etbauer —Photo Courtesy Chris Urias

Glue is a unique substance; it fastens without being seen. For the Oklahoma Panhandle State University Rodeo Team, Sue Etbauer is just that.

“Sue means more to OPSU Rodeo than most people will ever know. She’s the glue that holds us all together,” Shelbie Weeder, OPSU Rodeo Team Assistant Women’s Coach said.

In 2015, Sue Etbauer joined the Panhandle State family as the Rodeo Team Assistant. But long before Sue joined her husband and head coach, Robert Etbauer, at the helm of the legendary rodeo team, she played an integral part of the program. She not only assisted Robert whenever the practice stock needed fed or computer work completed, but also kept track of the points for the all the weekly jackpots and made sure each student was filmed at the rodeos.

From welcoming college kids to their family home to making emergency room runs when inevitable occurred in the roughstock events, Sue made sure every student athlete was taken care of. After moving into her new position, Sue began taking care of those who rodeo at Panhandle State to an even higher degree.

“Sue is definitely a big part of the OPSU Rodeo Team by doing everything behind the scenes and making sure all the paperwork and not so fun stuff is taken care of properly, and most importantly, on time,” said Katie Hughes, Panhandle State Rodeo Alumna.

Her qualifications exceed the job description. One can bet Sue kept Robert on track during his professional career as he claimed two world championship titles in the saddle bronc riding, but aside from keeping Robert going down the rodeo trail, Sue raised three top-caliber rodeo athletes: Chancy, Trell and Shade Etbauer. All of the Etbauer children have accomplished greatness inside the rodeo arena and are paving their own way into the history books.

Sue attended every youth, high school and college rodeo with her children. With her camera bag over her shoulder and clipboard in hand, the veteran rodeo mom never missed a time, score or filming a run. Often times, she had the points figured before the official sheets even made their way to the rodeo office. She was the rodeo mom others in the stands aspired to be like, and now, she is helping to make the Panhandle State Rodeo Team one with which other programs across the country compare themselves.

We Are Panhandle We Are Panhandle!

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Staff Association Making a Difference

The Panhandle State Staff Association: (left to right) Rene Ramon, Karina Jauregui, Raelee Olson, Abby Rice, Nikki Stork, Calandra Rose, Rantz Trayler, Tammy Clark, Amber Fesmire, and Bonnie Maille. Not pictured: Emma Montoya.

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PTCI Partnership

PTCI is an outstanding local partner with Panhandle State.

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Rodeo Alumni Continue Winning Tradition

Shade Etbauer won the 2017 Resistol Rookie of the Year in the saddle bronc riding. The Goodwell native won $41,725 his first year as a cardholder, almost $12,000 more than the rest of the field of rookies. —Photo by Shelbie Weeder

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Clement Named to 2017 All-OSN Volleyball Team

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Regier and Dearmin Dominate for SAC Victory over Texas Wesleyan

Junior Monti Regier led the Aggie women's basketball team with 22 points in their first SAC victory of the season over Texas Wesleyan.-Rylee Higgins photo

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Student Spotlight: Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady —Photo Courtesy Campus Communications

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Centennial Theatre Success with Nobody Cries in This Play

The cast members of Nobody Cries in This Play take a bow after one of the three successful performances in Centennial Theatre. —Photo by Maxine Henderson

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Beverly Meyer

Dr. Beverly Meyer —Photo by Chris Urias

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Professor David Miller Student Lounge Dedicated

Dr. Blanton, Dr. Dinger, Davin Winger, Dr. Faltyn, Lester Miller and Rose Miller pause for a photo at the David Miller Student Lounge. —Photo by Danae Moore

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Staff Spotlight: Laura Duran

Laura Duran —Photo by Chris Urias

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Bryant Inducted into Higher Education Hall of Fame

Former University President Dr. David Bryant (left) joined with current President Dr. Tim Faltyn (right). —Courtesy photo

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Alumni Spotlight: Jack Strain

Jack Strain —Courtesy photo