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2017 PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Spotlight: Georgia Walton

By Alyssa Fox on 10/20/2017

Goodwell, Okla.—A Panhandle State Women's Basketball standout, Georgia Walton will join a revered group in Aggie history as she is inducted into the 2017 Aggie Hall of Fame on Saturday, Oct. 28.

In 1984, Georgie Walton was beginning her freshman year of college attending Amarillo Junior College in Texas and playing basketball under the tutelage of Coach Kelly Chadwick. Chadwick saw the raw, remarkable talent in Walton and encouraged her to consider leaving Texas to play for his son, Royce Chadwick, who was the current head coach at Panhandle State. Walton heeded his advice and made the brave move to Oklahoma to follow her dreams of competitive basketball and become an Aggie.

Though the inkling of Walton's true love of basketball started from an early age, Walton says she wouldn't refer to herself as an early bloomer when it comes to her aptitude for basketball. She didn't play team basketball until she was a sophomore in high school, but long before then she was learning the ropes and honing her skills from a different challenger. "My oldest brother Larry and I used to play pickup basketball, just ourselves, when I was young. I think that's why I became so competitive so early, is because of him," Walton reminisces. Walton owes much of her inspiration to her brother, and also to her late mother. "My mom really pushed me to play basketball. I talked about it so much she convinced me to play," recalls Walton.

With encouragement and motivation from her family, Walton built on her love of the game as it grew into true talent. It was when she played under coach Royce Chadwick that her true potential was finally brought to light. "Coach Chadwick saw something in me. He said that he didn't see anyone who could play with me because I was so competitive," says Walton fondly of her former coach.

When asked about her best memories of her time as an Aggie, Walton spoke from the heart. "Basketball was something I loved," says Walton reflectively, "There wasn't anything that could disappoint me as long as I was playing. I was out to do the best no matter what. The teammates and everyone I played with, especially Coach Chadwick, made it awesome. I keep those memories in the back of my [mind] and I like to think about them from time to time."

Walton played under Coach Chadwick for two years in '85-'86, and under Coach Pam Lee in '87. Walton also expressed how her time in Goodwell and guidance by Coach Chadwick opened many new avenues for her and her collegiate basketball career. Walton played in several All-Star Games, played in the Amateur Athletic Union and even tried out for the Olympic Basketball Team during her time at Panhandle State.

While she will never forget her passion and devotion for the game, Walton says she left basketball when she left Panhandle State after graduation in 1987 with a degree in Health/Physical Science and Recreation (HPER). She has since enjoyed her time, "living life," and is now the manager at Labatt Food Service Distribution in her hometown of Lancaster, Texas, where she resides to be close to her father, who is 89.

Walton says with a laugh, "It's funny because even as I have gotten older, people either recognize me and say, 'Oh I know you,' or they still challenge me because they believe I didn't play basketball. And then they challenge me and they say, 'Yes, you definitely played.'"

"I couldn't believe it," says Walton when she received the call about her induction into the 2017 Aggie Hall of Fame, "It's almost 30 years later!" She expressed she is excited to return to PSU and feels honored that to this day, Coach Chadwick still talks about her and the impression she made on Panhandle Basketball during their time together. Royce Chadwick will be providing the introduction speech for Walton as she attends the banquet ceremony with her family, including her oldest brother, Larry.

To all Aggie athletes, Walton encourages three humble guidelines to live by, "Just follow your dreams, be true to yourself, and work hard."

Georgia Walton is among four other talented and respected Aggie athletes being inducted into the PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Class of 2017; she is joined by David Flowers, Bob Wakefield and Jerry Linton. The banquet and induction ceremony will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom on the Panhandle State campus. Those wishing to attend can contact Victor Esparza by email at or by phone at 580-349-1324 for reservations and ticket information. Reservations are encouraged as space fills up quickly at this celebrated event.

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2017 PTCI Aggie Hall of Fame Spotlight: Georgia Walton

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