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Bull Test Update After 28 Days

Submitted by Gwen Martin on 11/07/2017

Goodwell, Okla.The 83 beef bulls on performance test at Oklahoma Panhandle State University were weighed Saturday,
November 4, 2017. Through 28 days of the 112 day test, the bulls have an overall average daily gain (ADG) of 4.48 pounds and a weight-per-day-of age (WDA) of 2.86 pounds.

In addition to the bull test ration fed twice daily, the bulls have access to a grass hay ad-libitum. At the end of the test, measurements will be made on the frame score, scrotal circumference, semen characteristics, fat thickness, rib-eye area and marbling in the rib eye. Expected progeny differences (EPD’s) will be computed on most of the bulls for calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight and milk production on their heifer offspring. This performance data is available for the producer’s evaluation of their cattle and for use by prospective buyers in their bull selection. The top end of these bulls will be consigned to the 66th Annual Performance Tested Bull Sale. The sale is set for Monday, February 19, 2018 at 1 p.m. (CST) in the England Activity Building, University Farm, Goodwell. The bulls are being cared for by Panhandle State student employees, J T Surrage of Mead, Colo. and Wyatt Hammack of Platteville, Colo. Other Panhandle State students, Jack Hudgins and John Barger, helped on the 28 day weighing.

In the junior age division, the top pen of bulls with an ADG of 5.54 pounds and a WDA of 3.78 pounds is consigned by Bill Gilmore of Canyon of Texas. The top junior bull with an ADG of 7.61 pounds and a WDA of 4.23 pounds is in this pen. The sire of this bull is PVF Insight 0129.

In the senior age division, the top pen of bulls with an ADG of 6.76 pounds is consigned by Al Rutledge of Stillwater of Okla. Al Rutledge also has the top gaining bull with an ADG of 8.39 pounds. The bull is a son of the Angus bull GAR Anticipation.

The next weigh day is December 2, 2017. The test ends January 27, 2018 and the top 70 bulls will sell in the 66th Annual OPSU Bull Test Sale on February 19, 2018. Those interested in following the performance of the bulls through the test can contact Gwen Martin in the Animal Science Department at Panhandle State (580-349-1500) or e-mail to be placed on the mailing list to receive the performance reports.