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Bull Test Results Through 84 Days

Submitted by Gwen Martin on 01/02/2018

Goodwell, Okla. — The beef bulls on performance test at Oklahoma Panhandle State University were weighed on December 30th after completing 84 days of the 112 day test. Through the 84 days, the bulls have an overall average daily gain of 4.58 pounds. The junior bulls were scanned for fat thickness, rib eye area and intramuscular fat. The bulls will complete the 112 day test on January 27, 2018 and the Performance Tested Bull Sale is scheduled for February 19, 2018.

William Gilmore of Canyon, Texas has the top gaining junior age bull with an ADG of 6.21 pounds on a son of JAF 545 Tradition. B&M Angus of Edmond, Okla. has the second ranked junior with an ADG of 5.87 pounds on a son of B&M Upshot 304. In third place is one of Mike and Jaryn Frey’s Angus bulls with an ADG of 5.45 pounds. The bull is sired by PVF Insight 0129.

In the junior bull pen division, B&M Angus pen of three bulls sired by the B&M Upshot 304 leads the way with an ADG of 4.99 pounds. Clarence Frey’s pen of four Angus are in second place with an ADG of 4.49 pounds. Three sires are represented in his pen, Exar Upshot 0562B, TC Dollar Up 5154, and SAV Bruiser 9164. Phil Light’s pen of five Angus is in third place with an ADG of 4.35 pounds. All five are sons of Stucky Consensus 3726.

B&M Angus has the top gaining senior age bull with an ADG of 7.73 pounds on a son of B&M Upshot 304. They also have the second and third ranked senior bulls sired by B&M Upshot 304 with ADG’s of 6.80 and 6.44 pounds, respectively. In the senior age bull’s pen division, B&M Angus has the top three pens with ADG’s of 6.61, 6.10 and 5.64 pounds, respectively.

Those interested in receiving the performance results and a sale catalog can contact Gwen Martin in the Panhandle State Animal Science Department at 580-349-1500.

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