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Final Results Bull Test

Released by Panhandle State Campus Communications on 02/01/2019

Goodwell, Okla. — The bulls on the 67th Annual Oklahoma Panhandle State University Performance Test at Goodwell, Okla. were weighed off test Saturday, January 26, 2019. In preparation for the February 18th sale, the bulls will be measured for frame score, scrotal circumference and evaluated on semen quality. They have been scanned for fat thickness, rib eye area and intramuscular fat. The bulls ended up with an average daily gain (ADG) of 4.30 pounds and a weight-per-day-of-age (WDA) of 3.22 pounds. The top 70 of these bulls will sell in the 67th Annual Bull Sale Monday, February 18, 2019 at 1 p.m. CST in Goodwell. The sale will be held in the England Activity Center at the University Farm with Matt Sims as the auctioneer.

The top gaining bull on test is a senior age bull consigned by Panhandle State Angus of Goodwell. This bull, a son of GAR Trust K113, had an ADG of 6.33 pounds and a WDA of 3.16 pounds. The second ranked senior bull is Terry Sedlak’s 22-1 Angus bull with an ADG of 6.08 pounds. The bull is sired by TL Banker 5053. A B&M Angus bull (#2-3) is in third place with an ADG of 6.02 pounds and a WDA of 3.45 pounds. The bull is a son of KLR Maximizer 1487. In the senior age pen division, Panhandle State had the top pen with an ADG of 5.50 pounds on a pen of four Angus. Three of these bulls were sired by GAR 5050 New Design 8763 and the other by GAR Trust K113. Larry Weinkauf of Ponca City, Okla. had the second and third place senior pens on ADG’s of 5.18 pounds and 5.12 pounds. His bulls are sons of GAR Prophet E604.

Terry Sedlak has the top junior age bull with an ADG of 5.12 pounds and a WDA of 3.81 pounds. The bull is a son of ExarTenX 5718H. Clarence Frey of Mulhall, Okla. has the second place junior on an Angus sired by TC Dollar Up 5154. The bull has an ADG of 5.08 pounds and a WDA of 3.93 pounds. Eddie Cook’s Red Angus bull is in third place on an ADG of 4.83 pounds. The bull is sired by MF Money Maker 4165.

Terry Sedlak’s pen of three Angus is the top pen of junior age bulls with an ADG of 4.84 pounds and a WDA of 3.52 pounds. B&M Angus’s pen of three Angus sired by B&M Upshot 304 is in second place with an ADG of 4.27 pounds and a WDA of 4.27 pounds. In third place is Mike Frey’s pen of three Angus with an ADG of 4.25 pounds and a WDA of 3.72 pounds. Two of the bulls are sons of KCF Bennett Verden B461 and the other is a son of KCF Bennett Therock A473.

The sale is set for Monday, February 18, 2019 in the England Activity Building at the University Farm in Goodwell beginning at 1 p.m. CST. For complete test results and sale catalog, contact Gwen Martin at 580-349-1500 or e-mail

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Back row (left to right): Jabrel Alexander, Sean Skipton, Jockson Bilbrey, Braxton Dain Hayden Ukens, Steve Martin.
Middle row (left to right): Cameron Branch, Jorge Rosas, Jeremy Norris, Stetson Elam, Gustavo Sanchez and Firas Ghazouani.
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SOEA Recognized as Outstanding Chapter

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19th Annual Art Auction Sees Achievement

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