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Alumni Spotlight: Travis Wolf

Panhandle State Communications on 12/19/2019 Travis Wolf Travis Wolf

Travis Wolf grew up in the small town of Goodwell, America. He graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in 1988 with a degree in accounting. He is married to Kandi Cain, with two kids, and works for Brown, Graham, & Company, P.C. as a CPA and shareholder. Mr. Wolf came to OPSU specifically because of the accounting program, saying, “They serve the most exciting accounting anywhere.” His favorite thing about OPSU is the fact that the faculty and staff “really invest themselves in the students.”

When asked what he looks for when hiring accountants, he said, “We want to look at OPSU first. Over the last few years, there seems to be more activities designed specifically to get students in front of potential employers. We have been fortunate to be included in those activities.”

Coming to OPSU on a football scholarship, one of Wolf’s greatest memories of his time here comes from beating Benedictine College in 1986. At that time, both Benedictine and OPSU were ranked in the top ten nationally, which made for big, exciting game. It’s not uncommon to see Mr. Wolf around campus nowadays when he comes for the sporting events. He also recently joined the Foundation Board and will be participating in the Boards meetings on campus. Another way in which Wolf tries to give back to the college is by participating in PBL fundraising events with his firm.

Travis stated, “My advice to current students, is to enjoy themselves. One day they will look back on these days as the most fun they ever had.”