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Student Spotlight: Zion Byrd

Panhandle State Communications on 09/17/2020 Zion Byrd Zion Byrd

Zion Byrd is a student-athlete from Cedar Hill, Texas, striving to make a difference at Panhandle State. He is pursuing a degree in Psychology and is on track to graduate in 2021 while playing football for Coach Majeski.

There is no question that Byrd is passionate about football, so when he had the opportunity to play at the next level for an affordable price, Panhandle State was the best fit. He is an outgoing young man who has become involved as a leader for his team and around campus. He is a member of Black Scholars of the World, Student Government Association, and Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature clubs.

When asked who is role model is, he stated, “My high school offensive line coach, Luis Oubre. He taught me so many lessons on and off the field. He also kept me going when I didn’t want to anymore.” He continued, “He was the grandfather I didn’t have growing up in Dallas.”

Zion is the oldest of five children with three little brothers and one sister. He plans to make a difference in the world. His ability to be open-minded allows him to have thoughtful discussions of any topic with his peers and administrative leaders on campus.

“Seeing my elders in my family grind and hustle my whole life to make sure we were good inspired me to never give up and to keep going no matter what people say about you.”

When asked his favorite thing about Panhandle State, he said, “The nice, caring people on campus.”

Byrd plans to continue his football career as far as possible but would like to travel outside the United States. He enjoys traveling to embrace nature and site-seeing. After graduation and traveling, Zion plans to start his career as a Social worker in a big city to make a difference.