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Student Spotlight: Chris Schraer

Panhandle State Communications on 10/28/2020 Chris Schraer Chris Schraer

Chris Schraer, a Frisco, Texas native, is a student-athlete that wants to set an example for the community at Panhandle State. He is pursuing a double major in Sociology and Psychology with a minor in History and is on track to graduate in Spring 2021.

Chris came for the baseball program but stayed for the people. During his time here, he has taken part in community service events. He has enjoyed reading and playing with the kids at the elementary school and the Special Game Day hosted on campus. Schraer stated, “It allows the community to see that Oklahoma Panhandle State athletes are far more than just athletes.”

Schraer, a Chi Alpa Simga inductee, has built many relationships throughout Panhandle State. Dr. Duren, Dr. Maille, Dr. Cole, Head Coach Joy, and former assistant Coach Schulz have impacted him during his time at Panhandle State. Chris said, “Each of them giving me a valuable perspective on how to look at the world. The world is not one dimensional or black and white, and it is these individuals that have made this abundantly clear, that we as active participants in our communities have the duty of improving all that we can.”

Chris grew up with his mom, Rebecca, and younger brother Kaleb. After graduation, he plans to attend law school, which he can use for a civil rights law career. He commented, “Just like Panhandle State, I wish to help and be supportive of all those around me. After I graduate, I want all those that come behind me to realize that although we wait for our college years for a large chunk of our lives, it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.”