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Alumni Spotlight: Becky Lauridsen

Panhandle State Communications on 02/12/2021 Becky Lauridsen Becky Lauridsen

As a Craig, Colorado native, Becky Lauridsen has shined a light on the possibilities a degree from Panhandle State can open. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2010.

Lauridsen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of IOME. She has a passion for helping people be the best versions of themselves and founded a company that would be an asset for her clients' mental health.

She explained, "It's an I Owe Me instead of an I Owe You, offering Guilt-Free Self-Care by providing discounted self-care services and products for our Community members. Each month, IOME offers a self-care blueprint for your mind, body, and soul. It's the perfect way to prevent burnout and other negative emotions."

Although she has always had a passion for the mental health industry, it is not what brought her to Goodwell. Lauridsen was offered a rodeo scholarship, and it was the perfect opportunity to compete at a higher level after high school. She noted, "OPSU was the perfect place to enter adulthood. It was just far enough away from home to have a sense of independence and freedom while close enough to travel home during the holidays and special occasions. I truly appreciated the small town and close connections that were made at Panhandle, the friends I met there are still some of my best friends today, 11 years later."

“Some of my favorite memories revolve around the rodeo team. Whether it was competing at the weekly rodeos or practicing at the weekly jackpots, these are days I miss dearly. OPSU is where I met and fell in love with my husband, Tyler Lauridsen,” Becky stated. They have built a life with two daughters, Bryer and Brystol, and are finishing their arena in Northern Colorado.

During her downtime, you can find Becky at ropings supporting her husband, enjoying the shenanigans with her kids, and getting back to roping herself. "We are so excited to raise our girls with this crazy country lifestyle. Who knows, maybe they'll compete on the OPSU Rodeo Team someday, too!" said Lauridsen.