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Multifactor Authentication at Panhandle State

Panhandle State Communications on 10/15/2021

Starting October 16th, Oklahoma Panhandle State University will require all students to securely log onto the OPSU Duo Portal for increased security before logging into their OPSU Portal. This multifactor authentication is an enhanced safety procedure that increases the security of an account by requiring a user to provide multiple forms of authentication.

Associate Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, Liz McMurphy stated, “This method of authentication will provide an added layer of safety to student accounts as well as securing OPSU’s cyber security environment. OPSU employees have been using Duo multifactor authentication for several years. The transition to student multifactor authentication will ensure that all accounts are now operating with this method of enhanced security.”

For more information on multifactor authentication, including how to get started and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit