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Faculty Spotlight: Jarrett Kaufman

Panhandle State Communications on 11/10/2021 Dr. Jarrett Kaufman Dr. Jarrett Kaufman

Dr. Jarrett Kaufman is the Assistant Professor of English and a new member of the OPSU English department. He was born and raised in Nashville, Illinois, a small town outside St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Kaufman received his Bachelor's degrees in History and English before receiving his Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in 2012. He recently graduated with his doctorate in English this year before coming to Panhandle State.

Dr. Kaufman has always wanted to teach at a campus like Panhandle State, where colleagues become friends. He believes that the small class sizes allow more opportunities to create meaningful and lasting relationships between the students and the teacher. He could tell that OPSU is a close-knit community and that he would feel right at home in Goodwell.

Dr. Patrick Maille, College of Arts and Education Dean commented, “It was obvious, at a professional level, that having Dr. Kauffman join us would be a great benefit to OPSU. At a personal level, I look forward to getting to know him better because he seems like a pretty cool guy who will have a great place in the community.”

When asked about his favorite thing about Panhandle State, he said, "Everyone is very friendly and supportive. The students here at OPSU are fantastic as well, and they are hardworking and respectful."

In his spare time outside of the classroom, Dr. Kaufman plays the guitar. For over 20 years, he has played in a handful of bands. While in his undergraduate, he studied Jazz and received his minor in Music. Dr. Kaufman and his wife, Nikki, like to cook and watch movies when they have time after busy days.