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Faculty Spotlight: Brian Lankford

Panhandle State Communications on 05/10/2022 Brian Lankford Brian Lankford

Raised in Liberal, Kansas, Brian Lankford finished his high school years in Tyrone, Oklahoma. After high school, he graduated with a Master's in Sports Medicine in 1996. Lankford teaches first aid, care and prevention, and an internship class each semester. Lankford's official title is the Head Athletic Trainer.

Department Head of Health and Physical Education, Stacy Nordquist commented, "Brian is a rare part-time instructor who teaches all year (fall and spring semesters and summer). His classes are in high demand and fill up fast. Brian has done an excellent job balancing his athletic training duties and teaching duties. He is an invaluable faculty member of the Health and Physical Education department."

Lankford thanks two individuals for helping him become a full-time Aggie: Wayne Stewart and Jerry Olson. "Wayne had me teach some night classes, and Jerry had me fill in when the other trainer was away. After two years, I decided to do it full time."

One of Lankford's favorite things about Panhandle State is the students. He meets students from all over the world and loves getting to know them and their cultural dynamics.

Lankford enjoys watching conspiracy theories and YouTube. He learns by asking multiple questions, and he enjoys anything with comedy-related topics. If he is not working, he is more than likely exercising or is at jujitsu. Lankford has four children that he is incredibly proud of.