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Staff Spotlight: Dillon Schoenhals 

Panhandle State Communications on 09/14/2022 Dillon Schoenhals Dillon Schoenhals

Raised on a farm and ranch between Elmwood and Slapout, Oklahoma, Dillon Schoenhals enjoys supporting the people around him at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Schoenhals has been the Director of Institutional Research since 2016. He is essentially the data hub for the university. He creates reports and sends the data to help support students and also sends reports to the State and Federal levels for compliance.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Billiot, stated, "Dillon performs an essential role with helping us make data-driven decision-making. He has proven to be extremely reliable and resourceful, and OPSU is extremely appreciative with his responsiveness to gathering critical data that helps us to move forward."

Schoenhals is a 2015 graduate of Panhandle State with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. He decided he wanted to join the family at OPSU because of the small-town environment. "OPSU has given me the ability to stay out in the middle of nowhere and be able to spend time with my family," he stated.

Schoenhals commented, "I was looking for a job in small towns right after graduation and had been talking with Diane Murphy. She had suggested applying for the job here at OPSU."

When he is not busy taking care of his two-year-old son, one-year-old daughter, and preparing for his third child, Schoenhals enjoys woodworking (e.g., cutting down trees and milling them for lumber) and riding his bicycle in big events like the 2018 Biking across Kansas ride.