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Staff Spotlight- Karen Bauer

Panhandle State Communications on 10/28/2022 Karen Bauer Karen Bauer

Karen Bauer is the newest addition to the Business Office team at Panhandle State as she takes on a new role as the Purchasing Coordinator. Before this position, Bauer was the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

An Oklahoma native, Bauer is originally from Enid but moved to Guymon in 2003 where her husband, Eric, could help run his family business, Naifeh’s Steak House. Bauer commented, “We stayed because we love the amazing people in our community.”

The family atmosphere and sense of belonging have attracted Bauer to all that Panhandle State has to offer, along with how everyone is always willing to lend a hand. In 2008, Bauer earned an honored Bachelor of Science in Biology from OPSU. “I knew I always wanted to work at OPSU. In 2020 a job opening in the Financial Aid department became available, and I sensed immediately it would be a position I would enjoy,” she stated.

Driector of Financial Aid, Erin Moore states “Karen’s work ethic and devotion to Panhandle State are admirable. She has a wonderful attitude and is always willing to step up and assist students, staff, or faculty to help make Panhandle State all that it is.”

“Karen has recently assumed a new position in the Business Office, and we are very excited to have her join the team. I’m looking forward to seeing her advance in her role as Purchasing Coordinator.” was expressed by Liz McMurphy, Vice President of Fisccal Affairs.

When Bauer is not at Panhandle State, she enjoys time with her husband, Eric, and their three sons, Zeke, Miles, and Murphy. When the family is not playing games or enjoying a delicious homemade meal, Bauer enjoys decorating for each holiday and season.