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Alumni Spotlight: Shawn Strain

Panhandle State Communications on 12/09/2022 Left to Right: Winna Strain, Shawn Strain, and Maecee Strain Left to Right: Winna Strain, Shawn Strain, and Maecee Strain

Shawn Strain grew up in Goodwell, Oklahoma, and graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University in December 1994. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Strain studied at OPSU to keep their family tradition of attending OPSU going. His parents, grandmother, and many cousins are graduates of OPSU. Shawn is married to Winna Strain and has two daughters, Michelle Guess and Maecee Strain, a Sophomore at Goodwell High School.

The small school atmosphere allowed him to know everyone due to the class sizes being small enough to get to know the professors and classmates. The relationships that OPSU has with Goodwell High School are appreciated, and Strain believes that they do an excellent job of providing our kids with opportunities to use the athletic facilities at the University. He thanks Coach Laird and the Aggie Men’s basketball team for supporting the Goodwell High School Eagle basketball team.

When asked to share his favorite memory of his time on campus, he reminisces, “My greatest memories of OPSU are the people I met and the relationships formed. I still keep in touch through social media with several friends from OPSU.”

Strain also still enjoys the Tailgating before home football games. He tries to attend as many home basketball and football games as possible, as well as the homecoming parade and barbecue every year.

He is currently the Athletic Director and Head High School Boys’ Basketball coach at Goodwell High School. He has been a head high school basketball coach for 22 seasons. Strain enjoys team roping and was a member of the OPSU rodeo team for a couple of years while in college.