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One "wreck" on the driving course required two people to get the golf cart back on course.

-Campus Communications photo

*For Immediate Press Release*

Entertaining Event Provides Sober Message
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 04-20-05

For the past week or so, Oklahoma Panhandle State University students have been eyeing signs on campus promoting "free beer." Free ROOT beer was offered yesterday to those participating in an event sponsored by OPSU’s Counseling, Career Services and Testing office.With assistance from the Goodwell Police department, students donned "fatal vision" goggles to simulate the effects alcohol has on their driving and coordination skills. Officer Russell Mowrer led students through a field sobriety test with interesting and sometimes hilarious results.Mowrer had students make nine heel-to-toe steps on a straight line while counting the steps off aloud. Most of the participants could not seem to manage both, and several were unable to even stand up straight with the goggles on.In order to help students understand how alcohol consumption affects driving, a course was set up with cones marking a path for students to drive a golf cart through while wearing the goggles. Very few made it around the course without knocking over at least two cones. The driving course underscored the fact that drunk drivers have little control over the vehicle.While it caused plenty of laughter among those in attendance, this event contained a very serious message. In addition to the fun aspects, students were required to fill out a card to place inside a keychain with names and telephone numbers of five people to call to use as a designated driver. Participants also found out their level of alcohol tolerance figured by body weight, and took a quiz to test their knowledge of essential facts about the effect of alcohol on the body. Jada Dickerson of the Next Step Network in Guymon was on hand to provide alcohol awareness information.Names were drawn for several prizes, and winners include Brian Fisher and Kathy Christian, who won OPSU T-shirts; Zach Waugh and Dawn Williamson won the telephone answering machines donated by Radio Shack of Guymon, and Raechel Holt was the lucky winner of the television.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this attention-getting event fun, informative, and sobering.






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