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*For Immediate Press Release*

Art Jubilee and High School Interscholastics Results
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 04-11-05

Each year, Oklahoma Panhandle State University hosts High School Interscholastics contests for area schools, and this year students from twenty area schools competed in Liberal Arts, Business, Industrial Arts and Art Jubliee contests on Wednesday, April 6, 2005. Following is a list of students who won in each contest. Congratulations to all who participated, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

(All schools are in Oklahoma unless otherwise noted, and "HM" stands for Honorable Mention)

Art Jubilee

Contest Place Name School
Art History 1st Katie Baehler Spearman, TX
2nd Mollie Schoenhals Laverne
3rd Hayden Witchey Laverne
Pen & Ink 1st Luis Elizardo Guymon
Drawing HM Jason Lotspeich Laverne
HM Ashley Smith Guymon
Watercolor 1st Ashely Smith Guymon
& Gouache HM Jake Friederichs Wiley, CO
Painting HM Sherryce Benson Alva
Photography 1st Chelsee Ley Turpin
HM Dana McBee Laverne
HM Mayra Morales
Misc., including 1st Amber Sawyer Guymon
Printmaking, HM Mike Elsey Mooreland
Computer Images, etc. HM Shanna Hoeffner Guymon
2-D Best of Show 1st Ashley Smith Guymon
HM Anne Roberts Hooker
HM Ian Blankenship Hooker
3-D Best of Show 1st Willie Benson Alva
HM Willie Benson Alva
HM Chad Harland Guymon
Sidewalk Chalk 1st Alva High School
Drawing 2nd Turpin High School
3rd Spearman, TX
Sculpture 1st Tyler Stein Alva
Ceramics -  1st Willie Benson Alva
Potter’s Wheel HM Willie Benson Alva
HM Spencer Pierce Guymon
Ceramics - 1st Phillip Mallard Guymon
Hand Built HM Rusty Bressler Guymon
HM Shannon Rose
Crafts - Mosaic, 1st Chad Harland Guymon
Glassblowing, HM Chelsee Ley Turpin
Baskets, Textiles, HM Cristin Butler Hooker
& Jewelry
Oil & Acrylic 1st Anne Roberts Hooker
Painting HM Jose Castillo Liberal, KS
HM Michael Elsey Mooreland
Pencil Drawing 1st Leah Gibson Guymon
HM Josefa Avalos Guymon
HM Luis Elizard Guymon
Quick Draw 1st Demetri Melgosa Wiley, CO
2nd Alex Gardner Laverne
3rd Justin Dowdry Alva
Wheel Throwing 1st Willie Benson Alva
2nd Waylen Pritchard Guymon
3rd Spencer Pierce Guymon
Sweepstakes 1st Guymon High School
2nd Alva High School
3rd Liberal, KS High School
HM Hooker High School
Business Contests
Contest Student Name School Rating/Placing
Web Page Style and Design Miller, RD Guymon Superior+
Test, JB Guymon Superior+
Clark, Larry Laverne Superior
Rocha, Elva Guymon Superior
Wagner, Josh Turpin Superior
Buhl, Amber Yarbrough Excellent
Freeman, Jade Texhoma Excellent
Lewis, Elaine Yarbrough Excellent
Hooks, Jamie Texhoma Good
Ramirez, Gabe Texhoma Good
Reams, Carrie Laverne Good
Stinson, DJ Laverne Good
Williams, Tiffany Yarbrough Good
Computer Literacy Hardy, Jason Turpin Superior+
Bartel, Quinten Turpin Superior
Nichols, Toni Forgan Excellent
Olinger, Helen Rolla, KS Excellent
Wood, Adam Hardesty Excellent
Greene, Zane Rolla, KS Excellent
Morales, Mayra Hardesty Good
Mendez, Josh Rolla, KS Good
Spreadsheet Podzemny, Loren Felt Superior+
King, Lara Laverne Superior
Smiley, Paul Texhoma Superior
Curry, Michael Yarbrough Superior
Crowley, Timira Texhoma Superior
Widener, Chris Rolla, KS Excellent
Beasley, Catie Turpin Excellent
Rebeles, Erick Yarbrough Excellent
Contreras, Alex Sunray, TX Excellent
Greene, Zane Rolla, KS Excellent
Rose, Brett Turpin Very Good
Kelley, Jeanette Forgan Very Good
Sharp, Doug Laverne Very Good
Hill, Aubrey Sunray, TX Good
DeBuse, Shantae Laverne Good
Zubia, Gladys Rolla, KS Good
Williams, Tanner Turpin Good
Whisenhunt, Allison Laverne Good
Word Processing Richards, Amanda Hardesty Superior+
Davidson, Randie Hardesty Superior
Podzemny, Loren Felt Superior
Mooran, Holly Walsh, CO Superior
Morgan, Azlee Sunray, TX Superior
Randolph, TC Walsh, CO Superior
Mercado, Anjelica Sunray, TX Superior
Contreras, Alex Sunray, TX Superior
Clark, Ashley Rolla, KS Superior
Carillo, Rod Texhoma Excellent
King, Jenny Rolla, KS Excellent
Wiebe, Sarena Hardesty Excellent
Gaillard, Lane Texhoma Excellent
Rebelez, Erick Yarbrough Excellent
England, Tiffany Walsh, CO Excellent
Trippet, Jenny Forgan Excellent
Griffin, Sheena Forgan Excellent
Underwood, Ashley Forgan Excellent
Mendoza, Moe Turpin Good
McDonald, Rachel Turpin Good
Young, Bryan Turpin Good
Montanez, Eloy Texhoma Good
Hinojosa, Christian Rolla, KS Good
Business Math Rogers, Kyra Sunray, TX  1
Daffern, Matt Boise City 2
Mercado, Angelica Sunray, TX 3
Garcia, Oscar Rolla, KS 4
Taylor, Kalen Turpin 5
Young, Bryan Turpin 6
Business Procedures Contreras, Alex Sunray , TX 1
Clark, Ashley Rolla, KS 2
1st Year Accounting Mercado, Angelica Sunray, TX Superior+
Rogers, Kyra Sunray, TX Superior+
Morgan, Azlee Sunray, TX Superior
Widener, Jennifer Rolla, KS Superior
Salamanca, Diego Texhoma Excellent
Allen, Krisa Felt Excellent
Huffman, Cortni Texhoma Excellent
Crowley, Timra Texhoma Excellent
Swinford, Maegan Laverne Good
Hill, Aubrey Sunray Good
Lujan, Kami Laverne Good
Liberal Arts Contests
Contest Student Name School Placing
Music Jonathan Faulkner Boise City 1
Scott Garrison Guymon 2
Erin Russell Hooker 3
United States Government Seth Adams Hooker 1
Stephanie Sides Hooker 2
Leo Hernandez Hooker 3
World History Andrea Rodriquez Guymon 1
Kerry Friesen Hooker 2
O’Jay Gragert Hooker 3
American History Jarret Kachel Hooker 1
Andres Rodriquez Guymon 2
Tom Perkins Elkhart, KS 3
Geography Destry Elms Boise City 1
Ismael Carrillo Guymon 2
Isela Barrera Guymon 3
Spanish Jose Figeuroa Guymon 1
Anais Cerda Hooker 2
Novia Estrada Hooker 3
British Literature Mandi Schoenhals Laverne 1
Lara King Laverne 2
Jessica Owens Guymon 3
American Literature Shelley Wallace Elkhart, KS 1
Scott Garrison Guymon 2
Mollie Schoenhals Laverne 3
Literary Interpretation David Suto Guymon 1
Dana McBee Laverne 2
Melanie Harrison Hooker 3
Grammar Jamie Brown Laverne 1
Elizabeth Peacock Guymon 2
Aaron Hickert Elkhart , KS 3
Essay Writing Ty Koonce Elkhart , KS 1
Leo Hernandez Hooker 2
Elizabeth Peacock Guymon 3
Industrial Technology Contests
Contest Name School Place
Beginning Hand Woodworking Matt Daffern Boise City 1
Tim Chick Campo, CO 2
Anthony LeBlanc Campo, CO 3
Jonathan Moore Boise City 4
Victor Orianti Texhoma 5
Rayla Helms Goodwell 6
Trent Setliff Boise City 7
Chaney Latham Goodwell 8
Dustin Pell Goodwell 9
Advanced Hand Woodworking Eduardo Rodriguez Goodwell 1
Joseph Herrera Goodwell 2
Chad Rodarmel Campo, CO 3
Bryce Mitchell Texhoma 4
Alfredo Gomez Texhoma 5
Woodturning Cris Green Guymon 1
Theran Hegwood Goodwell 2
Jaime Serna Texhoma 3
Raven Gray Goodwell 4
Board Drawing David Rodriguez Goodwell 1
Uriel Alvarez Goodwell 2
Adrian Herrera Goodwell 3
Welding Austin Smith Walsh, CO 1
Eric Norris Guymon 2
Richard Neatherlin Boise City 3
Tyvan Hegwood Goodwell 4
Danny Welty Laverne 5
Tead Hancock Walsh 6
Raymond Bourne Goodwell 7
Shawn Acre Walsh 8
Seth Brown Campo, CO 9
Kale Burlingham Laverne 10
Michael Goodman Laverne 11
Math Contests Name School Place
Algebra I A. Gibler Hooker 1
A. Cowan Balko 2
C. Davidson Elkhart, KS 3
A. McKinley Hooker 4
T. Bruce Liberal, KS 5
S. Parker Elkhart, KS 5
A. Buhl Yarbrough 7
R. Law Balko 7
J. Matthews Balko 7
M. Sumner Liberal, KS 7
T. Barby Yarbrough 11
S. Houtz Elkhart, KS 11
G. Elder Hooker 13
E. Figueroa Yarbrough 14
I. Jaquez Forgan 14
Z. McBee Forgan 14
K. Peterson Goodwell 14
J. Hegwood Goodwell 18
K. Wilson Boise City 18
P. Moreno Texhoma 20
K. Bhakta Liberal, KS 21
K. Westcott Goodwell 22
H. Duran Texhoma 23
Algebra II M. Harrison Hooker 1
M. Gilbert Hardesty 2
A. Barriga Hardesty 3
S. Carpenter Hardesty 3
T. Ferguson Hooker 5
A. Hickert Elkhart, KS 5
S. Nosekabel Liberal, KS 7
S. Allard Balko 7
J. Walton Hooker 9
M. Adams Liberal, KS 10
N. Meyer Texhoma 10
S. James Boise City 12
C. Carter Liberal, KS 13
M. Curry Yarbrough 14
T. Curry Yarbrough 15
D. Schade Elkhart, KS 16
V. Bennett Balko 17
S. Cowan Balko 17
K. Mizer Boise City 17
D. Espraza Boise City 20
J. Goedicke Goodwell 21
M. Fernandez Texhoma 22
J. Guthrie Goodwell 22
J. Delzeit Elkhart 22
S. Koehn Goodwell 25
S. Wallace Elkhart 25
S. Morris Forgan 27
Geometry K. Chu Goodwell 1
A. Cranford Liberal, KS 2
J. Freeman Texhoma 2
D. Elms Boise City 4
K. Rollins Hooker 4
M. Ivens Liberal, KS 6
A. Estrada Hooker 7
T. Koonce Elkhart, KS 7
K. Wilson Boise City 7
R. Davidson Hardesty 10
Y. Loza Texhoma 10
S. Schwartz Liberal, KS 10
C. Gomez Texhoma 14
M. Fantz Balko 14
S. Menh Hooker 14
C. Rice Balko 17
T. Setliff Boise City 18
D. Grant Goodwell 19
A. Herrera Goodwell 19
Math Analysis T. Do Liberal, KS 1
A. Ruiz Hooker 2
B. Forinash Yarbrough 3
L. Hernandez Hooker 3
K. Conner Elkhart, KS 5
J. Ansley Hooker 6
N. McMullen Liberal, KS 6
S. Byrum Balko 8
B. Jacks Liberal, KS 8
T. Perkins Elkhart, KS 8
A. Hickert Elkhart, KS 11
A. Kaiser Yarbrough 12
D. Rodriguez Goodwell 13






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