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**For Immediate Release**
55th Annual Bull Test Gain Results Compiled
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 01-31-2007

Goodwell, Okla. - The beef bulls on the 55th Annual OPSU Performance Test at Goodwell, OK were weighed off test Saturday, January 27, 2007. The bulls were also scanned for rib and rump fat, ribeye area and intramuscular fat. In preparation for the February 28 sale, the bulls will be measured for frame score, scrotal circumference and evaluated on semen quality.

Performance of the bulls over the last five weeks of the 112 day test was affected by weather factors. The bulls ended up with an average daily gain (ADG) of 3.79 lbs. and a weight-per-day-of-age (WDA) of 3.28 lbs. The top 70 bulls, based on ADG and WDA, will sell in the 55th Annual Bull Sale Wednesday, February 28, 2007, at l:00 p.m. CST, Goodwell, OK.

The top gaining bull was an Angus senior-age bull consigned by Al Rutledge, Stillwater, OK. This son of CA Future Direction 5321 gained 6.02 pounds per day. The second placed senior bull, with an ADG of 5.14 lbs., is a son of Empirette 17L95 consigned by Leroy Mindemann, Apache, OK. Another Al Rutledge bull, sired by Bon View New Design 1407, ranked third with an ADG of 4.96 lbs. Bob Chaffin, Davis, OK had the fourth place bull at 4.92 lbs. per day on an Angus son of MA 7074 of 9358 EXT. In fifth place, at 4.90 lbs. per day, is an Angus son of GAR New Design 9391 consigned by Tim Meier, Hitchcock, OK.

The senior pen honors goes to Al Rutledge’s pen of four Angus with an ADG of 5.09 lbs. Bob Chaffin’s pen of three Angus was second at 4.43 lbs. per day and Tim Meier’s pen of four Angus was third with an ADG of 4.42 lbs.

Phil Light, Turpin, OK had the top gaining junior-age bull on a son of N Bar Prime Time D806 with an ADG of 5.33 lbs. Travis Mindemann’s Angus bull, sired by Scar Thunder 304, was second with an ADG of 5.07 lbs. The third and fourth place juniors are consigned by Larry Weinkauf, Orlando, OK with ADGs of 5.00 and 4.93 lbs., respectively. One is a son of Circle S 598 Bando 1037 and the other a son of GAR H141 Precision 7893. In fifth place at 4.91 lbs. per day, is a Tim Meier Angus sired by Bar M Foreman M4.

The junior pen honors goes to Leroy Mindemann’s pen of four Angus with an ADG of 4.65 lbs. Tim Meier’s pen of four Angus, all sons of Bar M Foreman M4, is second with an ADG of 4.49 lbs., and Phil Light’s pen of four Angus is third with an ADG of 4.44 lbs. Three of these bulls are sired by SS Objective T510 OT26 and one is a son of GAR Retail Product.

Tim Meier’s junior-age pen of four Angus was the most efficient in converting feed to gain requiring only 5.97 lbs. of as-fed feed per lb. of gain. A close second at 6.03 lbs. is the Mindemann pen of four Angus.

Bob Chaffin’s pen of three Angus was the most efficient senior pen requiring 7.18 lbs. of as-fed feed per pound of gain.

In the junior-age division, a Larry Weinkauf pen has the top WDA at 4.18 lbs. Gary McPherson, Watonga, OK has the top WDA in the senior-age division with a WDA of 3.36 lbs. on a pen of three Angus sired by TC Foreman 016.

The sale is set for Wednesday, February 28, 2007, in the England Activity Building, University Farm, Goodwell, OK beginning at 1:00 pm., CST. For complete test results and sale catalog, contact Jerry or Gwen Martin, OPSU, Goodwell, OK 73939, phone (580) 349-1500 or 1512.




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