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**For Immediate Release**
OPSU’s Administrative Secretarial Certificate
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 04-26-07
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, Okla. — Looking for a better job? How about that raise? Perhaps you would like to acquire some new skills that will assist you in your present occupation . . . . OR, perhaps you are an employer seeking to provide training to members of your administrative team.

If so, the Oklahoma Panhandle State University Adult and Continuing Education Department has several things you will be interested in. Just one of them is the fine Administrative Secretarial Certification Program.

This summer, over a six week period of time, students may earn the Secretarial Certificate and get the whole thing done at the OPSU classroom in Guymon with just a few hours, three nights per week. Offered to individuals as well as companies, the certificate program will provide excellent training in:

Basic Accounting Basic Writing
Office Etiquette Business Communications
English Usage Skills Microsoft Excel
Power Point Microsoft Word
Outlook Express E-Mail
Publisher Basic Office Equipment

Accomplished OPSU teachers will be delivering the classes and the training, and all learners will be able to use the state of the art equipment at the OPSU Guymon Classroom (304 NW 4th).

Instructors in OPSU Adult and Continuing Education are also experienced in working with diverse groups of people. If a student has some experience in the areas they are studying, the instructors will help them to enhance that experience. If the course material is brand new to the learner, the instructors will make sure that the learning experience in the classes is maximized.

In addition to the knowledge and experience the students will gain from their course work, they will also gain valuable preparatory learning for entry into other OPSU coursework and programs, including work toward a college degree and/or work toward the OPSU Certificate in Management.

The OPSU instructors are also experienced in working with learners who have busy schedules.

Individual companies and organizations may also be interested in sponsoring their employees on a group basis or providing educational reimbursement for them.

As with all Oklahoma Panhandle State University programs, the questions regarding more specific information on coursework, admissions, program costs, and financial aid can be quickly found.

Consuelo Luera and Jill Shaw maintain their offices in the same facility as the Guymon classroom and can be reached at 580-338-1380. They will assist in guiding interested students through the process of what it takes to get started on the Administrative Secretarial Certificate.

In addition, a learner may also qualify for financial aid through a cooperative program between OPSU and the Oklahoma Rural Opportunities (ORO) Development Corporation. Monica Cervantes (338-1005) is the contact person for the ORO program, but a learner in the secretarial program does not have to be a part of the ORO process.

Classes are set to begin on July 9 - so contact Luera or Shaw (338-1380) to reserve a spot as soon as you can, because there is already a good deal of interest in these classes.






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