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Ad in the Amarillo Airport

Travelers passing through Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo now have an interesting, even compelling advertisement to examine. The brochures placed next to the backlit ad disappear quickly and have the desired effect of promoting OPSU. – Michal Stachowski photo

**For Immediate Release**
Reaching More Students
By Laura Hays
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 01-31-2008

Goodwell, Okla. — Situated in a rural part of the state, it can be a challenge to get the word spread about OPSU’s many advantages and the educational opportunities offered in a sparsely populated area.

President Dave Bryant resolved to remedy that situation, and since taking over the leadership of OPSU five years ago, he has directed a multi-media advertising blitz. In order to attract more students to this regional university, Bryant has authorized television, radio, and print advertising and recently added two more types of promotion.

Colorful, eye-catching billboards in Amarillo, Texas as well as one on the east side of Goodwell that welcomes travelers to the town reach a new segment of the population. A new backlit poster in the airport in Amarillo offers those flying into or out of the facility an irresistible photograph of Trell Etbauer riding a saddle bronc at one of last fall’s rodeos. The original photograph, taken by Dale Hirschman, is a close action shot that draws the viewer right into the middle of the arena.

Other promotions include a full page weekly feature in the Guymon Daily Herald that keeps area residents up-to-date on events and educational opportunities. The hour-long “Inside OPSU” offers PTCI cable subscribers an in-depth weekly television show about education, work, and fun on the campus. The show, video recorded every Tuesday, can also be heard live on KGYN radio from 3-4 p.m. on Tuesdays with Jim Smith as the host. In addition, media from Oklahoma City to Dodge City to Amarillo receive press releases from OPSU on a weekly basis, and many of these have generated stories on local television news and in statewide newspapers.

As OPSU attempts to reach more students, it will acquaint more High Plains residents with its extraordinary blend of excellent education, low cost, and friendly atmosphere.




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