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**For Immediate Release**
Advisory Council Meets
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 09-07-06

Goodwell, Okla. — Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s Advisory Council met Saturday, September 2 to discuss timely issues affecting the university. A group composed of twenty-five community members, alumni, student leaders, and OPSU faculty and staff convened in the OPSU Ballroom to learn about the Science and Agriculture Building project and OPSU’s Enrollment Management Plan.

President Dave Bryant began the meeting by presenting a sketch of the outside of the new building and the floor plans, and stated that the construction documents should soon be complete. Groundbreaking will take place Saturday, October 14 at 11:00 in conjunction with OPSU football homecoming. Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, Larry Peters, said that the building committee is dedicated to making the building as energy efficient as possible and revealed that there is sufficient capacity in the recently replaced chiller and steam lines to heat and cool the new building. Council members asked several questions regarding specific features of the new construction and commented on the appropriateness of a pitched roof and the overall design.

Dr. Bryant also discussed the $500,000 Noble Foundation Challenge grant. He said the Foundation has already matched $100,000 and another $100,000 in matching funds has been submitted for approval. Bryant stressed that the matching grant funds are targeted to purchase special equipment needed for laboratories in the building, especially for the planned Water Quality Testing lab and the Feed Analysis lab.

Other fundraising drives for the building project were discussed, including the engraved walkway bricks which may be purchased to memorialize a loved one. The bricks will be used to pave a special patio at the entrance of the building.

Dr. Bryant then moved on to the OPSU Enrollment Management Plan and presented background information about enrollment over the past 30 years. Dr. Wayne Manning, Vice President of Academics and Outreach, said this year’s members of the freshman class were polled about the reason they chose OPSU. Low cost of attendance was listed by 77%, followed by the size of the college, amount of financial aid offered, and a good academic reputation. Bryant announced to the group that OPSU has substantially increased the number of new students from 370 in fall of 2005 compared to 523 this fall, and student retention from last spring to this fall was 81%.

The Enrollment Management Plan focuses on recruiting year-round, establishes enrollment growth targets, emphasizes the need for personal contact with potential and current students, and includes a plan to develop on-line registration by spring 2007.

Dr. Bryant said, “I value the input voiced by our dedicated constituents at this meeting. OPSU will continue to serve our students and the surrounding communities, and will use the recommendations by members of the Advisory Committee to ensure that mission is fulfilled.”




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