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Dr. Peter Camfield has charge of the nationally known School of Agriculture at Oklahoma Panhandle State University.  One of the many well maintained and attractive buildings on the school campus is the Firestone Meat Lab where Ag students receive training in many aspects of meat processing. - Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
OPSU’s School of Agriculture Continues to Step Up
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 08-02-05
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK - Since its founding in 1909, Oklahoma Panhandle State University has served the needs of students, area residents, and area businesses. In that nearly a century, agriculture has always been one of the major focuses of the college and the tradition continues under Dr. Peter Camfield, the Dean of the School of Agriculture.

Camfield, who earned his doctorate at the University of Arkansas, has taught at OPSU for nine years, and supervises a dedicated faculty of 12 along with several student employees.

Currently, there are 125 students in the School of Agriculture; majoring in Agricultural Business, Animal Science, Agronomy or Agricultural Education. Many other learners take part in ag-related courses.

There is well over a 90% placement rate of OPSU Ag graduates directly into their field of choice, and many others have opted to go on to graduate school at institutions like Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and Michigan State. OPSU has a wonderful record of placing individuals into prestigious graduate programs because of the fine training (hands-on and otherwise) provided at the school.

Camfield is deservedly proud of the many partnerships the School of Agriculture is involved with. Large and small employers (local and otherwise) have the benefit of former OPSU Ag students who are now productive employees, many of them in leadership positions. In addition to these organizations’ reliance on OPSU graduates, they also benefit a great deal from the research and functions performed at the University Farm as well as the Firestone Meats Lab on the school’s campus.

Darren Stephens runs the meat lab, which is fully inspected by the USDA and provides slaughter and processing services and also operates a retail store. It is there that students can get hands-on experience in meat processing to supplement their classroom training.

The University Farm, managed by John Sircy, is also an extremely important function of the School of Agriculture, and it operates on yet another valuable partnership, this one with Oklahoma State University Extension. According to Camfield, the farm maintains 1,200 acres of pasture for beef, sheep, swine, horses, and goats. They also grow their own alfalfa and other crops for hay.

Most of the competitors on the famous OPSU rodeo team are students in the School of Ag, and that team has won the national collegiate title four times in the last nine years.

In addition, OPSU has also hosted the longest standing Bull Test in Oklahoma (54 consecutive years) and annually features 135-150 bulls.

It virtually goes without saying that agriculture has been the strongest component to the successful economy of both our region and our country for many years. The School of Agriculture at Oklahoma Panhandle State University has been integral in that process and will continue to strive ahead in technology, services, and quality graduates.






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