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OPSU President Dave Bryant (left) and Army Sgt. Charles Mark (a school staff member now on active duty) are working together on one of several projects OPSU is participating in with branches of the United States military. - Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
OPSU Partnership with U.S. Army Continues to Grow
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 07-26-06
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK — Oklahoma Panhandle State University continues to grow and a good deal of that growth has to do with the partnerships the school has entered into with both public and private sector organizations.

Of the many strong partnerships, one of them is with the United States Army. OPSU is involved in several projects with the Army and one of those is the Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP). In the ConAp process, many colleges and universities around the country including OPSU are working with Army Recruiting Offices to provide college-based planning and learning for active and reserve soldiers, as well as high school students planning on both entering the service and continuing their educations.

The benefits of ConAp are many, including the stimulating educational opportunities for active and reserve Army personnel, as well as providing financial funding for current personnel along with high school students planning to enter military service.

OPSU is working with Sergeant Grover Taylor of the Liberal Recruiting Office, and yet another Army program the school is beginning a partnership with is called “eArmyU,” which has a mission of increasing retention within the Armed Forces by allowing students to earn college credits and even certificates and degrees on-line while serving on active duty. These programs are offered at low or even no cost to eligible Army personnel.

The enrollment in on-line classes at OPSU is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and students from around the world (in the Army and otherwise) are experiencing Oklahoma Panhandle State through their own computers.

Watch for more information on ConAp, eArmyU, and other OPSU partnerships.





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