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The faculty of the School of Business at OPSU is always prepared to work with students on a one-to-one basis. Here, instructor Ray Schleidt works with Hanna Slatten, a junior from Forgan, Oklahoma. - Scott Puryear photo

**For Immediate Release**
Success? Try the OPSU School of Business
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 10-04-2006
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK - Success is a word that describes many aspects of the Oklahoma Panhandle State University School of Business, but one of the most definitive uses is in the success of the school’s many students and graduates.

The demand for School of Business graduates from OPSU is extremely high and as far as those graduates who seek employment in a business field, the placement rate is at or near 100% in all areas of study.

The study of Business Administration at OPSU is based on the curriculum of five business degrees - Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education, Computer Information Systems, and Industrial Technology.

In the concentration of Accounting, there two Bachelors Degree programs are available including a BBA, and the BBA in Accounting Information Systems. A minor in Accounting is also available.

In Business Administration, students may earn Bachelors’ Degrees with a General Business Option, or concentrations in Finance, Management, or Marketing. Learners may also earn a four year degree as a BBA in Business Education. A minor in Business Administration is also offered.

There are many outstanding OPSU graduates in both the public and private sector who have earned Bachelors’ Degrees in Computer Information Systems, and students may also take minors in Computer Graphics as well as Computer Information Systems.

In the area of Industrial Technology, students may earn four year degrees with a Management option or a Technology option. A minor in Industrial Technology is also offered.

The School of Business also offers several Associates Degree (two year) programs, including Business Administration and/or Business Administration with Computer Information Systems Option. Learners may also earn Associate Degrees in Technology with options in Drafting and Industrial Technology, Fire Protection, Industrial Technology, Metal Technology, or Technology.

ICarter Hall is the home of the OPSU School of Business, but business classes are also offered in Hamilton Hall, Hefley Hall, the OPSU Guymon facility, through Interactive Television (ITV), and through a broad and continuously growing list of on-line classes.

There are several computer labs located on the OPSU campus and there are three very well equipped labs in Carter Hall alone where the students receive in-class guided instruction or can work on their assignments and research projects. When not in classes, students using the computer labs have access to trained personnel who can assist them.

The faculty of the OPSU School of Business is accomplished and quite accessible to students. Diane Murphey is the Dean.

OPSU has a strong nation-wide reputation for supplying graduates in the field of Computer Information Systems and one of the strongest components of the CIS program is the Programming Team which is first-rate by any measure, including comparisons to much larger schools. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, and with quality faculty guidance, the members of the Programming Team are quite prepared for meeting the challenges of competition with other schools.

Overall the last several years the OPSU Programming Team has scored well in many national and regional events and has earned nearly thirty awards for top grade finishes.

Great competitive performances since 2003 include:

2003 Region 3 Conference 1st Place iVisual Basic-Mark Moore, Manuel Carranza
2003 Region 3 Conference 3rd Place Systems Analysis – Mary Sheldon
2003 National Conference Honorable Mention Network Design – Chase Griffin,
Emily Hutson
2004 Region 3 Conference Honorable Mention Web Design – Nick Tuttle and
Mike Knollenberg
2004 Region 3 Conference Honorable Mention Network Design – Austin Baze and
Aaron Sudbrink
2004 Region 3 Conference Honorable Mention Database Design – Adam Jelinek and Mark Moore
2004 National Conference Honorable Mention C++ - Alex Etchein and Eyler McNeil
2005 Region 3 Conference 1st Place WebPage Design – Manuel Carranza and
Aaron Sudbrink
2005 Region 3 Conference Honorable Mention Publisher – Mary Sheldon and
Larissa Peters
2005 Region 3 Conference 3rd Place Network Design – Eyler McNeil and Austin Baze
2005 Region 3 Conference Honorable Mention Access Database – Eyler McNeil and
Austin Baze
2005 Region 3 Conference 2nd Place Access Database – Adil Faleh and Jace Webb
2006 National Conference 3rd Place Student Chapter Website – OPSU TEAM
2006 National Conference Honorable Mention Web Design – Manuel Carranza and
Aaron Sudbrink
2006 National Conference Honorable Mention PC Troubleshooting – Austin Baze

Whether it be in the variety of classes and degree programs offered, the convenience of taking classes, the high placement rates of graduates, the quality of faculty, or the accomplishments of the Programming Team . . . SUCCESS is the definitive word in the OPSU School of Business.




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