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Dr. Dave Bryant, Oklahoma Panhandle State University president, and U.S. Army Reservist Charles Mark hold an OPSU recruitment poster. Mark is an excellent employee at the school who will be leaving in January for a year and a half tour of active duty. - Bradley Magby Photo

**For Immediate Release**
Charles Mark of OPSU and the USA
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 10-18-05
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK – A fundamental dignity is that of human labor - people who go about the business of getting the job done and neither seeks nor expects special recognition. There is a special man at Oklahoma Panhandle State University who gets his job done and often goes beyond the requirements of his occupation, and that man is Charles Mark.

Mark has excelled in his duties as the OPSU Residence Hall Director for the last five years, but will be leaving those duties soon to serve his country. President Dave Bryant calls Mark one of OPSU’s best employees.

E/5 Charles Mark has been ordered from Reserve Duty to Active Duty as of January 5 as part of the Department of the Army’s “Enduring Freedom” for what he expects to be a year and a half assignment. He is a trained Psychiatric Technician, Behavioral Specialist and Combat Medic.

A big man with a firm handshake, Mark played football for the Aggies in 1993 and 1994, and after a good deal of military experience, returned to OPSU and finished his degree in 2003 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Law Enforcement.

Mark expects to be serving overseas but prior to his departure he will be making several stops in this country to drop off OPSU recruiting posters at government installations and military bases. He’ll be helping those currently in the armed services (and those soon to be discharged) to enroll at OPSU. In the places he visits, Mark will see that an OPSU poster that offers educational assistance is displayed. This is a volunteer assignment on Mark’s part, and he developed the concept for the poster himself, which was designed by OPSU graduate Michal Stachowski.

In August, Mark received an award for employee excellence at the school and just talking about him brings a smile to President Bryant. “I can’t say enough good things about Charles Mark,” Bryant said. “He is an outstanding employee and role model, and we are very proud of him.”

Whether working for the university or serving in the military, Mark has what it takes to get the job done. He is proud to be an Oklahoma Panhandle State employee, and he is proud to serve his country. Both his employer and his country are proud of him.





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