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Dr. Justin Collins- Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
OPSU’s Collins Looks Toward the Future
by Scott Puryear
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 10-11-05

Goodwell, OK – With fond memories of the past and optimism about the future, Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s Dr. Justin Collins also stays very busy with the present. A 1986 Guymon High School graduate and a nine-year veteran at OPSU, Collins serves as the Dean of Science, Mathematics, and Nursing.

Collins graduated from OPSU in 1990, and then went on to earn his graduate and post graduate degrees from Oklahoma State University. He supervises a faculty of ten and also teaches biology.

The School of Science, Mathematics, and Nursing is a diversified one and is made up of three departments. The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, and the Department of Science offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Natural Science. The Department of Nursing offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing via on line coursework. A two-year Associate of Science degree program in General Studies is also available.

In the School of Science, Mathematics, and Nursing there are currently 85 students undertaking a major in biology, 17 in mathematics, three in Physical Science, and five in chemistry. The nursing program, established in 1997, currently has 59 students.

Collins is one of the biggest boosters of the school and can be seen at most university events. He is also very excited about his past and present students, saying that virtually all go on to graduate school and/or work in teaching or research. He added that there are currently six studying veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State, and still others are pursuing studies in medicine and chiropractic.

Concerning placement of the school’s nursing graduates, Collins smiles when he points out that every graduate who entered the nursing job market last year has secured employment in their chosen field.

He is also excited for his future students. Most of the math and science classes have been held in Hefley Hall for the last half century or so and in 2008 will be moving to the school’s planned Science and Agricultural Center.

Collins very much enjoys his role of preparing young people for the future. “I love this area and I love the school” he said. “The interaction between the students and the faculty here is very strong. I experienced it while I was a student and I experience it as a teacher today.”

Dedicated professionals like Dr. Justin Collins are largely responsible for the current strength of OPSU, and they are also a strong part of the promise of the future. He’s also a well-respected administrator and teacher (as well as a nice guy).




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