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Campus Communications
Laura Dahl, Director
P.O. Box 430, Goodwell, Oklahoma 73939
Phone: 580-349-1354 * Fax: 580-349-1350


**For Immediate Release**
OPSU Campus Communications=Busy!
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, Okla. - BUSY . . . there may be no single word that can better describe the Campus Communications Office at Oklahoma Panhandle State U.

OPSU Campus Communications is always busy in the area of school-related news and press releases, or other areas such as maintenance of the school website, the editing and general publication of the school yearbook, fielding inquiries from the general public and the media, and handling a great deal of the print, television and radio advertising . . . in any one of several areas - Campus Communications is there and ready to get the job done.

It is relative to compare an organization to a wheel, and the stronger the spokes, the stronger the wheel. The Campus Communications office is a strong spoke in the OPSU wheel and the duties performed by that office are quite varied.

How about doing print jobs like course schedules? How about taking photographs at athletic events and other school activities? How about publishing the school newspaper and yearbook? How about working closely with the OPSU Sports Information Department? Or, how about running a very active office that keeps track of literally hundreds of events each year? The OPSU Campus Communications office does all these things and many more.

Laura Hays has been Campus Communications Director since January of 2003 and manages a staff of nine student workers. The team includes Michal Stachowski, a very talented member of the team with a special flair for the technical aspects of the website, Marcus Mallard, editor of The Collegian – the university newspaper, and Melissa Lear, editor of The Plainsman – the school yearbook.

Also a part of the staff are six student workers who are always ready to assist in any number of tasks; including public relations and public information, printing, photo production and management, advertising and production layouts, answering phones and JUST PLAIN STAYING BUSY!

We are living and working in the INFORMATION AGE, and Oklahoma Panhandle State University stays on top of the vast amount of information that must be processed, and largely due to the efforts of Laura Hays and the team that makes up OPSU Campus Communications.

OPSU Campus Communications = BUSY . . . and EFFICIENT, too.





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