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Sara Jane Richter

Dr. Sara Jane Richter - Courtesy photo

**For Immediate Release**
Richter to Speak at OPSU Commencement
By Scott Puryear
- Released by OPSU Campus Communications 01-24-2008

Goodwell, Okla. - In the late spring or early summer of every year colleges and universities around the United States hold Commencement ceremonies. It is a time of pageantry, honor, tradition, and friendship – and a time when new college graduates are officially recognized for their hard work. The keynote speaker at any school is traditionally a very accomplished person who will recognize the graduates for their achievements as well as issue them a challenge for the future.

The 2008 Commencement at Oklahoma Panhandle State University is scheduled for May 17 and the school has chosen one of their own to be the keynote speaker – Dr. Sara Jane Richter.

A member of the OPSU team since 1985, Richter serves as the school’s Dean of Liberal Arts and the way she handles her additional duties as an English teacher has made her one of the most popular instructors on campus.

A native Oklahoman from Hennessey, Richter received her undergraduate degree from Phillips University as well as Masters Degrees in English and History from Oklahoma State University. She earned her Doctorate in English from Oklahoma State.

The multi-talented Richter is also an accomplished singer, pianist and thespian, and well known for her performances at OPSU as well as in the surrounding area. In addition, she is a noted historian and in demand to make presentations in several subject areas.

Richter has dedicated her life to education and hundreds of her students will always regard her as both mentor and friend.

OPSU has been providing quality education since 1909 and next year there will be many events and recognitions for the OPSU Centennial. Such an undertaking requires a great deal of planning and coordination. Who is the Chairperson for the OPSU Centennial Committee? . . . Dr. Sara Jane Richter.

The author, pastor, and educator William A. Ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Dr. Sara Jane Richter has inspired many people in her distinguished career and Oklahoma Panhandle State University has made a wise decision in asking her to be the speaker for the 2008 Commencement.




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