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**For Immediate Release**
Institutions Share Vision
- released by OPSU Campus Communications on 02-28-07
by Laura Hays

Goodwell, Okla. – Dr. Lew Hunnicutt, Dean of the Frank Phillips College Allen Campus in Perryton, Texas, eagerly states that he suggests Oklahoma Panhandle State University as an option to his students who seek a four year degree because of its proximity to Perryton.

“The average age of those who attend classes here is 29, what I call ‘vintage’ students. Most of them hold full time jobs, especially in the oilfield, and have roots in the area and don’t plan to leave. When a student wishes to complete a 4-year degree, it only makes sense for me to suggest OPSU, the closest four year institution in the region and a 60 mile commute from Perryton,” said Hunnicutt. While the two colleges do not have a formal partnership agreement, most credits transfer from one to the other.

The road between Perryton and Goodwell runs both ways. The two institutions have faculty that teach at both places, and OPSU students take advantage of Allen Campus courses that offer convenient 3 or 4-credit hour classes that meet in the evenings one night per week. OPSU President Dave Bryant visited the Allen Campus last fall, toured the facility, and came away with ideas for the new Science and Agriculture building at OPSU that will open in the summer of 2008.

Hunnicutt, a Channing, Texas native, holds a Bachelor’s of Science, two Masters, and a PhD in Animal Science, and believes in the role community colleges play in higher education. “This semester, we have 95 students enrolled on the Allen Campus. I know each one of them personally, and many times act as a principal, trying to encourage students to finish their education when the going gets tough. It works - we have an extremely low drop out rate. We started a GED (general education diploma) course this semester and have 28 students enrolled who will not only get their GED, now they are contemplating going to college.”

Frank Phillips offers Associate Degrees in a variety of areas from agriculture to zoology coupled with numerous technical and occupational programs. The main campus, located in Borger, has been in operation since 1946 and the Allen Campus opened in temporary facilities in 2002, and opened their new building in August of 2005.

OPSU and Frank Phillips share the same values - providing high quality, affordable education with personalized instruction that utilizes low student-to-teacher ratios. In this rural region where state lines blur and many residents live in one state and work cooperation between higher education institutions only makes sense. OPSU and Frank Phillips believe educating students remains the top priority.





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