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Kevin and Mandy Flowers with their children Nathan Luke and Hannah
-Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
OPSU Part of Flowers Family History
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 02-20-06
by Jeff Flanagan

Goodwell, Okla. - Kevin Flowers lives in a small, one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Holter Hall on the Oklahoma Panhandle State campus with his wife, Mandy, and their children, six-year-old Hannah and seven-month-old Nathan Luke. Flowers is OPSU’s new dorm director, taking over this spring for Charles Mark who returned to active military duty in January.

But there’s a catch.

This small and cozy apartment is not just another typical family home. It is the exact apartment that Flowers’ parents lived in when he was born 28 years ago.

Before Flowers was born, his father was also the Holter Hall dorm director. Kevin lived with his parents and older brother, Steven, in Holter Hall for about a year. His mother, LuAnn, decided it was time to move to a larger house when she became pregnant with Flowers’ younger sister, Melissa, so they moved to 705 Hackberry in married student housing. They stayed there for another year and a half before David got a high school coaching job in Marietta, Okla.

Flowers’ father, David, was an OPSU student and Aggies football player from 1977-1980. He was an All-American and received letters to try out from both the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. Although he enjoyed football, David decided not to seek a professional spot so he could stay close to his growing family.

Kevin Flowers eventually met his wife Mandy, and they lived in Dallas for a while before deciding to continue their college education. They wanted to find a good school and a nice place to raise their children, and they thought of OPSU.

When they arrived, they were shown to their new home in married student housing- 705 Hackberry. “None of this happened on purpose,” Flowers said. He had no idea he would move his family into the same house he had lived in for almost two years as a child. He also never planned on taking the dorm director job and moving back into the apartment he lived in when he was a year old.

Nevertheless, the Flowers family is happy with the way things worked out. “My family really likes it here,” Kevin said. “Hannah enjoys interacting with the students. She thinks the lobby is her living room, and she usually watches TV there.”

But there can be a downside to living with a bunch of college students. When asked if there was anything he doesn’t like about living in the dorms, Flowers replied, “The noise at times.”

Kevin and Mandy will stay in Holter Hall until they graduate in December. After that, the Flowers plan on moving their family again, this time to Canyon, Texas so Mandy can work on a Master’s degree at West Texas A&M.

The Flowers’ time here at OPSU has been anything but predictable. “None of this was expected,” Flowers said. “But I’m glad it happened. I’ve enjoyed being here.”






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