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**For Immediate Release**
Foundation Provides Generous Support
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 11-02-07
By Laura Hays

Goodwell, Okla. - The Panhandle State Foundation recently donated $100,000 to Oklahoma Panhandle State University to use for equipment in the new Science and Agriculture Building. According to Doris Looper, Executive Secretary and Treasurer for the Foundation, “We want to do our part to ensure the building is well-equipped for the education of our students, and by providing this funding, OPSU can buy and maintain top quality tools to meet that goal.”

Financial support for the Foundation was established in 1961, and the non-profit organization is designed to aid the university financially beyond the support it receives from the State of Oklahoma. This past year, it has provided over $133,000 in scholarship money for 151 students. In addition, it gave OPSU an additional $100,000 to use for individual scholarships. Panhandle State Foundation also makes available professional development grants for faculty. The money helps support the instructor in their pursuit of an advanced degree or special certification.

In addition to Dr. Looper, Charmen Rider is the administrative assistant in the office, and 24 people representing Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas serve on the Board. Dr. Kenneth Woodward currently serves as President and Duane Schafer serves as First Vice President.

Looper points out that gifts to the Foundation provide money for generations to come because the principle is invested and the dollars granted come primarily from interest and dividend income. An investment in Panhandle State Foundation is an investment in OPSU! For more information about the organization, contact the office at 580-349-1392 or via email at





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