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**For Immediate Release**
Grant Benefits Teachers and Students
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 01-19-2006

Goodwell - The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently allocated $76,475.00 to Oklahoma Panhandle State University from federal No Child Left Behind grant funds. A group of OPSU educators and public school math teachers conferred and concluded that students’ lack of understanding of math terminology contributes to low standardized test scores. To address that issue, the group formulated a plan, and OPSU’s Dean of Education, Dr. Wayne Stewart, submitted the grant.

Over the summer, 25 area math teachers from Oklahoma will participate in a two-week seminar designed to increase the participants’ math literacy which will enable them to develop classroom strategies to use to facilitate student learning. Topics for the workshop include:
o Challenging Word Problems for Students
o Cool Tools to Solve Challenging Word Problems
o Using Technology to Teach Math
o Using Manipulatives to Teach Math
o Forming Partnerships with Parents & Community
o How to Make Math Meaningful
o Disseminating Workshop Information to Colleagues & Administrators

In addition, the area teachers will attend five follow-up meetings during the 2006 fall semester to monitor application of the information received in the seminar to actual classroom practice. The participants will also design lessons and gain insight by cooperating with and learning from other educators. Instructors for the seminar include OPSU math and education professors as well as Master Teachers and National Board Certified Teachers from the surrounding Oklahoma public schools. Participants will receive supplies and materials during the seminar including textbooks, other reference books dealing with mathematics vocabulary, calculators, and other helpful materials.

OPSU welcomes the opportunity to partner with the area schools to equip mathematics teachers with tools to improve student achievement.





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