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**For Immediate Release**
LEARNING is the Word at OPSU’s Guymon Classrooms
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 06/28/06
by Scott Puryear

Guymon, OK — Oklahoma Panhandle State University continues to forge ahead in many different facets of education. The school opened new facilities at 5th and Roosevelt in Guymon earlier this month where many students are already taking advantage of the OPSU learning experience there.

On June 5, two classes, offered by Dave O’Sullivan, began at the Guymon Classroom. Computers for Beginners and Microsoft Office each meet for four weeks, with class meetings twice a week for one hour and fifteen minutes each. The same two classes will be offered again beginning July 5. Students learn on a state-of-the art computer during each class session.

On June 20, a section of Spanish for Business began. Instructor Teri Mora covers some of the basics of the Spanish language and focuses especially on aspects in business and customer service settings. This class will also be available again beginning in July.

Classes are designed to accommodate 15-18 students. Following is the course schedule for the Guymon facility for July and August.

Spanish for Business, Teri Mora, Instructor
Meets on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:45, July 17 – August 11.

Computers for Beginners, Dave O’Sullivan, Instructor
Meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6:45, July 5 – July 28.

Microsoft Office, Dave O’Sullivan, Instructor
Meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00- 8:15, July 5 - July 28

For further information on classes offered in Guymon, contact Estela Vedoy at 349-1550. For information about OPSU classes offered on the Goodwell campus or on-line, contact Bobby Jenkins at 349-1376 or Jolie Dennis at 349-1370.

Whether it is traditional credit classes on the Goodwell campus, the school’s ever growing list of on-line credit offerings, or the popular Adult and Continuing Education programs . . . . LEARNING is the word at Oklahoma Panhandle State.


OPSU employee Dana Collins (left) and Jason Webster of City National Bank are among the learners in the Spanish for Business class offered this summer by the OPSU in Guymon Classroom. -Scott Puryear Photos



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