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**For Immediate Release**
Honor Band Seniors Receive Scholarships
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 12-13-06
by Laura Hays

Goodwell, Okla. - High school seniors participating in the Five States Honor Band on Saturday, December 12, received an unexpected bonus. Jason Berg, OPSU Director of Bands, presented each student with a one-time $300 tuition waiver and a one-time $450 housing waiver if the student attends OPSU. High school and junior high school band members auditioned in November, and came together Saturday to rehearse and present a performance at Guymon High School. The students represent Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas. Congratulations to the following list of seniors:

Name School Instrument
Barnes, Sara Spearman, Tex. Clarinet
Beyea, Taylor Perryton, Tex. Flute
Bohlmann, A. J. Hooker, Okla. Trombone
Bond, Mason Boys Ranch, Tex. Trumpet
Caffey, Nastashia Liberal, Kans. Trombone
Chavira, Sara Dalhart, Tex. Bass Clarinet
Ceniceros, J. J. Perryton, Tex. Oboe
Deal, Aimee Perryton, Tex. Trombone
Estrada, Tanya Perryton, Tex. Clarinet
Friesen, Kerry Hooker, Okla. Baritone Saxophone
Gomez, Ximena Sunray, Tex. Flute
Gonzalez, Callie Boys Ranch, Tex. Flute
Gutierrez, Maribel Guymon Flute
Hardman, Ashley Guymon Clarinet
Hodo, Kenneth Perryton, Tex. Trombone
Howell, Bronson Dalhart, Tex. Baritone
Murphy, Andy   Tuba
Nix, Meggan Boys Ranch, Tex. Flute
Reeves, Nicole Dalhart, Tex. Alto Saxophone
Smith, Britni Sunray, Tex. Tuba
Trujillo, Ashley Dalhart, Tex. Clarinet
Vasquez, Andy Guymon Alto Saxophone
Vela, Berta Guymon Contra Alto Clarinet
Wheat, Jacqui Liberal, Kans. Clarinet
Willson, Micah Boys Ranch, Tex. Trombone





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