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**For Immediate Release**
OPSU January Interterm - It Could Be Just for You!
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 11-09-07
By Scott Puryear

Goodwell, Okla. - Interterm classes at Oklahoma Panhandle State University could be just for you! . . . and there is still time to register for the January classes. Classes run from January 2 through January 11.

Interterm classes provide learners with the opportunity to concentrate on one class over a two week period of time . . . and IT IS A GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE!

Courses offered this Interterm include classes in Art, Business, English, History, Humanities, and Psychology and all carry three hours credit and will be taught on the Goodwell campus. They are:

Ref. # CRS SECT TITLE Instructor
10004 ART 1533 020 ART APPRECIATON Shoulders
10006 ART 4343 001 HISTORY OF MEDIEVAL ART Elder
10002 HIST 1313 020 U.S. HISTORY 1492-1877 Maille
10005 HUM 1533 020 ART APPRECIATION Shoulders
10008 MGMT4813 020 OFFICE MANAGEMENT Puryear
10001 PSYC1113 020 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Benjamin

More information may be obtained through the Admissions Office at OPSU (349-1370 or 1-800–664–OPSU).

January Interterm at Oklahoma Panhandle State . . . A great part of the OPSU EXPERIENCE.





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