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Improvements Save Energy and Environment
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 10-05-05
by Laura Dahl

Over the past three years, Oklahoma Panhandle State University has completed a significant number of infrastructure improvements. Spurred in part by rising energy costs, OPSU invited companies to conduct an energy conservation study of the facilities in 2002. As a result of the improvements, the facility is not only more energy efficient, it has also had a positive environmental impact in the community.

Johnson Controls, a global corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was chosen to complete the study. They recommended specific action to reduce utility and maintenance costs, increase the reliability and operation of building environmental systems, increase the comfort and productivity of those learning and working in the buildings, and educate personnel on additional energy and cost savings.

More energy-efficient lighting and thermostats were installed in all buildings, and a computerized temperature control center was added which is used to maintain and monitor the temperature in all buildings. Another part of the project included steam line replacement as well as replacement of all pipes in Holter Hall, a student dormitory. Johnson Controls continues to monitor the effects of the improvements, and the decline in energy consumption is significant.

OPSU also recently received an environmental impact statement. By reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce electricity and supply natural gas to the campus, we have significantly reduced pollutants in our community. Specifically, greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulates and mercury emissions have been lowered. According to the Johnson Controls statement, the reductions are equivalent to the energy consumed by 96 single-family homes based on usage of 30,000 kilowatt hours per year!

With rising energy costs and concern about the environment, OPSU remains committed to reducing consumption while keeping students in a comfortable learning environment and lessening the environmental impact on our community.






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