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**For Immediate Release**
Show Me the Math!
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 06-08-07
by Dr. R. Wayne Stewart

Goodwell, Okla. — Following the tremendous success of the 2006 summer workshop presented by the Oklahoma Panhandle State University School of Education and the School of Math, Science, and Nursing, Dr. Wayne Stewart wrote and submitted another grant application for the summer of 2007. The application was approved and the summer workshop—MATH-ESE 2D “Show Me the Math” began May 29, 2007, and is being attended by mathematics teachers in the Oklahoma Panhandle area. Every school district in the panhandle was contacted and each of them agreed to participate in the workshop.

This year, 25 math teachers met on the OPSU campus for an intensive workshop to increase their technology skills in the creation and interpretation of mathematical charts, graphs, and tables, and to ultimately raise the math scores of the Oklahoma Panhandle public school students on the yearly achievement tests and other state-mandated tests. The workshop provided the participants with their own laptop, specialized math software, and training in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Geometry SketchPad, Fathom Graphing, and other programs dealing with the creation and interpretation of graphs, charts, and tables.

The participants were on the OPSU campus from Tuesday, May 29 through Saturday, June 2, and will return on June 9 for the final session. Two follow-up meetings during the fall 2007 semester will also be held on September 22 and November 17. The participants not only will receive training in the above mentioned programs, but will also receive training in the use of SmartBoards and PowerPoint presentations. An additional component of the workshop, again tying in to last year’s workshop, will be training in the use of “math-ese”—the language of mathematics which will show the relationship of math and literacy. Additional literature will be presented for math teachers to use in their classrooms to help in the teaching of the relevancy of math in the lives of students.

The participants will be creating lesson plans using technology that they will be presenting to their students during the fall 2007 semester. Along with the lessons, the educators will be creating a pre/post-test to be used to assess the success of the students. These lesson plans and the results of the pre/post-test will be presented during the follow-up sessions on September 22 and November 17.

All of the information about last year’s workshop, MATH-ESE, which gained praise and acknowledgement from the State Regents for Higher Education, and this year’s workshop, MATH-ESE 2D, is available on the OPSU Education Home Page Math teachers across the state and around the nation have accessed last year’s information, and the same is expected from the summer 2007 workshop.





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