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A great learning experience as well as a group of helpful and friendly staffers are available at the McKee Library at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Two of the dedicated members of the library team are Evlyn Schmidt (left) the Library Director, and Elaina Stewart, who has charge of the facility’s electronic resources.

**For Immediate Release**
Customer Service Meets Technology at the OPSU Library
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 08-12-05
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK – In addition to experiencing the library technology of the 21st century, you can go to Marvin McKee Library at Oklahoma Panhandle State University and meet some of the friendliest people anywhere.

Sitting near the center of the school campus, the library is an attractive 25,000 square foot brick building that has served OPSU students, faculty and area residents for over half a century. Shaded by many very large elm trees, the strong-looking brick building is roomy enough to accommodate over 118,000 books and periodicals and houses 33 computer terminals to give learners fast access to up-to-date technology.

Upon entering McKee Library, one can feel the excitement and value of learning as well as the entertainment and enjoyment that reading has brought to the masses for many centuries. However, college libraries have evolved with the overall process of technology and an unbelievable amount of resources are available through the school’s library data base.

Elaina Stewart has charge of Electronic Resources and works with dedication to keep McKee the place to access everything that libraries have to offer (either in books, periodicals, DVD or on-line). Stewart is also in charge of Youth Services at the library.

A great place to get started is to check out the library website, and like just about everything else at McKee Library, things are relatively easy to work through. After going to the OPSU site,, and then to “McKee Library,” one gets a very good picture of the many facets of the library at Oklahoma Panhandle State. Stewart works closely with the school’s Campus Communications Department in maintaining the library web pages.

Evlyn Schmidt has been with the McKee Library for eight years and has served as Director for the last six. She earned her graduate degree in Library Science at the University of North Texas, and has seen the vast technological changes in her field.

Schmidt said, “Librarian’s roles in the pre-technology world depended upon the patron physically coming to the library. Librarians talked with patrons and physically showed them how to locate materials using the card catalog and walked them to the shelf. Telephone assistance was also available.”

The 25-year veteran of library management added, “In the post-technology world, librarians and patrons have access to a vast amount of information in print, audio visual, and electronic formats. The information explosion has impacted how everyone locates information and how librarians teach patrons. It is far more complex now because the library user has far greater choices on where they access information.”

Schmidt also said the school’s card catalog is web-based and available at any Internet computer with around the clock availability and over 24,000 electronic books are included in the card catalog that can be read online.

Schmidt added, “The current goal of librarians is to create ‘information literate’ patrons who know when they need to locate information, know where to locate relevant information, know how to evaluate information for accuracy, and know how to use that information in an ethical manner.”

McKee Library is one of the many wonderful experiences at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, and it serves as a resource not only for the school’s students and faculty, but as an experience that can be shared by area residents. OPSU places major emphasis on the relationships with the communities in its service area, and according to Schmidt, area residents may become a part of the library with a Texas County Borrowers Card. The yearly fee for the card is $6.00 – which probably makes it the best deal just about anywhere.

McKee Library has a full time staff of five as well as a dozen student workers who are very helpful to customers - and that is how Schmidt and her team operate . . . people who use the library ARE their customers.

The full time employees, in addition to Schmidt and Stewart, are Sandie Marshall (Access Services), Kim Edwards (Technical Services) and Janet Kravig (Secretary and Acquisitions Assistant). It would be difficult to find a more professional staff anywhere.

If you want to know, want to learn, have a great experience, or just get a picture of how a modern college library operates . . . OPSU’s McKee Library is the place to be.





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