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**For Immediate Release**
Certificate of Completion in Management Forges Ahead
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 07-31-07
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, Okla. — Oklahoma Panhandle State University continues to forge ahead with new and exciting educational programs and class offerings. Just one of those comes out of the School of Business – the CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION in MANAGEMENT. This program began earlier in the year and the first group of students to complete the coursework will be finishing up at the end of the summer.

The CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION in MANAGEMENT is ideal for working people who want to refresh their skills in management and/or for students who will eventually be seeking a degree.

Oklahoma Panhandle State is well known for exemplary professionals who have been a part of its School of Business and OPSU graduates and students are working with distinction in managerial and technical occupations all over the world.

The CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION in MANAGEMENT is not a degree program however; the courses taken as part of it are fully accredited and can be used as part of an approved program. A certificate will be awarded once the learner has satisfied all requirements and students will learn about different management areas and explore issues and subject matter that will assist them in their current occupations.

HOW IT WORKS: In order to complete the Certificate of Completion in Management program, a learner must complete FOUR management-based courses in the OPSU School of Business. There are two required courses (three credit hours each); and two electives (three credit hours each).

Required Courses (6 hours total):
MGMT 3813 - Principles of Management (3 credit hours)
MGMT 4873 - Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)
Elective Courses (learners must take any two of the following = 6 hours total):
MGMT 4893 - Small Business Management (3 hours)
BADM 4000 - Collective Bargaining (3 hours)
MGMT 4983 - Strategic Management (3 hours)
MGMT 4813 – Office Management (3 hours)

Many learners who will be seeking four year degrees from OPSU will want to take ALL SIX courses. All courses are offered on-line as well as in traditional format and the certificate of completion can be earned in one year or less.

Registration for the second semester has begun and faculty and staff are available to assist with enrollment. The certificate will also provide validation of completion of the program and is suitable for display in one’s home or office.

To obtain a description of Certificate of Completion in Management courses - the school catalog may be viewed on the OPSU website at

To apply and/or enroll in the courses, you may call Bobby Jenkins at (580)-349-1376 or e-mail, OR - you may call Scott Puryear at (580)-349-1340 or e-mail The toll-free number at the University is 1-800-664-6778.

There are several classes being offered this fall that fit the requirements for the certificate (both on-line and in the traditional format) and . . . YOU CAN DEFINE YOUR FUTURE WITH THE OPSU EXPERIENCE.





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