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**For Immediate Release**
OPSU Students Participate in OSAT Testing Program
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 05/03/06
by Rebecca Bichsel

Goodwell, Okla.- On April 25, Oklahoma Panhandle State University Spanish and Mathematics majors had the opportunity to participate in a pilot testing program for the Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSAT), which are part of the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE). Students who wish to obtain a teaching certificate in Oklahoma must pass the OSAT for their specific subject area before becoming certified. Both the Spanish and mathematics OSATs are currently undergoing revisions.

National Evaluation Systems (NES®) generally does not administer pilot tests at OPSU. Usually such programs are offered only at larger universities closer to a metropolitan area. The last pilot test program that OPSU Spanish majors took part in was in Oklahoma City, and the students had to travel five hours to participate. By taking part in this year’s pilot program, students had the opportunity to preview the tests that will be offered beginning next fall. In addition, all participants received a $50 voucher to put toward the cost of their actual OSATs. The NES is administering the pilot test program throughout the state.

Janet Livesey, Assistant Professor of Spanish, and Jana Peterson, Instructor of Mathematics, serve on the respective committees rewriting the tests. “This was a great opportunity for our juniors and seniors pursuing degrees in Spanish and math. Plus, the results of the pilot tests will help us ascertain how well the actual tests will address and assess the knowledge of Spanish and math majors in degree programs across the state of Oklahoma.”






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