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There are several pathways to success at OPSU and just one of them is by way of the school’s on-line classes. Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
21st Century Technology Meets Education with OPSU On-Line
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 06/28/06
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK — Oklahoma Panhandle State University enjoys a nationwide reputation for excellence within its Computer Information Systems program and many graduates have gone on to very successful careers in private business as well as government work. OPSU’s relationship in computer technology spans further than producing outstanding graduates to work in that field.

The impact of the Internet on today’s world is profound, and the relationship between education and the Internet continues to evolve rapidly. OPSU is responding to that ever-changing relationship and currently offers over fifty full accredited online college courses and several more are being developed.

Online college courses offer a number of benefits, especially convenience. While the courses require as much as work as traditional classes, students plan coursework around their own schedule since classes do not meet regularly. Online learners are still required to take examinations, complete and turn in assignments by due dates, and may have scheduled on-line meetings, but also enjoy the advantage of setting their own schedule. Students who work at full-time jobs or are unable to attend traditional classes for other reasons now have an option to continue their education.

Potential online students have expressed concern in regard to one-on-one communication with the instructor. E-mail, message boards, and blogs are used to overcome that issue, and no longer must a student wait for office hours to contact an instructor.

To further explore the online opportunities at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, perhaps the best way to get started is, of course, the Internet. Go to and choose “OPSU Online” under the “Students” button. Those interested may also call Bobby Jenkins at 349-1376 or Jolie Dennis at 349-1370.

On-line learning at Oklahoma Panhandle State University offers a special opportunity and promise for students – especially those who find it necessary to take non-traditional classes.





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