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**For Immediate Release**
OPSU Online Gets Bigger and Better
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 07-25-06
by Scott Puryear

Goodwell, OK — The number of educational programs offered by Oklahoma Panhandle State University continues to grow. Online courses may be of the highest interest to older students or those who want to get into the swing of taking college courses in such a way they can do it on their own schedule. Or, it may simply provide a good way for busy people to get started with or continue college studies. In addition to the many online classes currently being offered, the OPSU School of Business has added two more classes for the fall – Human Resource Management and Administrative Office Management.

Either or both of these classes will fit well for those who are interested in learning more about the subject of management but cannot take a class offered in the traditional format. They may be of special interest to those who have taken any of the OPSU Adult Education classes in the Guymon facility as well as to those thinking about entering college, or simply taking some classes to learn something they may use in their jobs.

Employers should also find these classes to be valuable for their employees.

Both Human Resource Management and Administrative Office Management are full- fledged college level courses with a schedule to follow, but learners can participate in the class any time during the day or night and do so in the privacy of their own home and with their own computer.

They are also classes that fit into a Business major, if one decides to go in that direction.

To get started, visit Point your mouse at “Online Courses” on the left side of the page and choose “OPSU Online.” To view the complete list of course offerings, select the “Course List and Information” link.

For those who are just beginning the college experience, you may call Bobby Jenkins at 349-1376 for more information.

OPSU, YOU, and Online Classes . . . a great way to continue or a great way to get started.





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