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The PTCI team is a great supporter of the OPSU teams as well as in several other areas, like campus building projects. - Campus Communications Photo

**For Immediate Release**
-released by OPSU Campus Communications 09-22-05
by Scott Puryear on 9-22-05

Goodwell, OK - The success of Oklahoma Panhandle State University is based upon many things, not the least of which are partnerships with other organizations. A very strong bond exists between the school and Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc. (PTCI).

Whether it be in support of building projects on the school campus, scholarships, participation in the school’s video and communication programs, and/or patronage of the Aggie and Lady Aggie athletic programs, PTCI is there to support OPSU.

PTCI has experienced an impressive growth over the last several years, but they have never forgotten the communities they serve nor the organizations and people in those communities.

Not only does PTCI actively participate with OPSU in financial support, but many of their employees can be seen at school entertainment and athletic events.

PTCI employs 169 people in the local area. Many of them (as well as their families) are OPSU graduates, current students or will be someday taking classes at the campus in Goodwell.

Many of them are also OPSU boosters and one of the biggest fans of the athletic teams is Ron Strecker (PTCI’s Chief Executive Officer) who attends many of the Aggie and Lady Aggie athletic contests.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University and PTCI are winners, and they make the communities they serve winners, too.





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