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Bob Scott

Bob Scott is the Director of the Physical Plant at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. - Scott Puryear Photo

**For Immediate Release**
Bob Scott - A Mainstay at OPSU
By Scott Puryear
- released by OPSU Campus Communications 12-06-07

Goodwell, Okla. - The term “24/7” has become somewhat of an overused one in recent years, but definitely NOT SO for Bob Scott, Director of the Physical Plant at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Scott is on call virtually all the time and whether it’s during regular business hours, a Saturday or Sunday, at high noon or midnight – he knows what it takes to get the job done.

Scott may be running a building maintenance project; a wastewater situation; working with his staff to meet the challenges of inclement weather; and/or any of the numerous other duties it takes to keep things running at OPSU. No matter the job - the school administration knows they can count on Scott and his team.

A Guymon native in his 23rd year of service to OPSU, Scott is a manager first, but more than willing to grab a wrench and “get dirty” if the situation calls for it. He is also a nice guy who enjoys a good story.

It is employees like Bob Scott who keep things running in the right direction and make Oklahoma Panhandle State a FULL SPEED AHEAD institution.





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