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OPSU’s Ryan Forsythe . . . A Special Baseball Player
-by Aggie Sports on 04/19/05

Goodwell, OK - Hitting streaks, home runs, batting averages, earned run averages . . . the statistics in baseball are probably the most intricate of any sport. Baseball fans are also quite familiar with benchmarks, as well as a special jargon that has given birth to nicknames like "The Babe" (George Herman Ruth) or "Charlie Hustle" (Pete Rose) or "Mr. October" (Reggie Jackson) or "The Say Hey Kid" (Willie Mays) and "Hammerin’ Hank" (Henry Aaron).One of the most esteemed benchmarks in baseball is the .400 batting average over an entire season. If a player hits .300 (at any level of baseball), he is regarded as, at least, a very good hitter. Those that can reach a .400 level can easily be called "special."An excellent baseball player from Mesa, Arizona made his way to the Oklahoma Panhandle three years ago and his name is Ryan Forsythe. Those who study the OPSU baseball records may just start referring to the center fielder as ".400 Forsythe."Despite playing through a pesky shoulder injury through a good part of his Aggie career, Forsythe is driving hard for a third consecutive season batting over .400 and the way he has been pounding the ball over the last few weeks, has a chance to put his Oklahoma Panhandle State CAREER batting average at .400 or above.Hitting at an average of .407 over the previous two years, Forsythe started slowly (for him) this season, but now is charging ahead close to .360 and his career .390 average is inching upward.Given his competitive nature, talent, and with 16 games left to play on the OPSU schedule this season, there should be plenty of offense coming from #5.

Forsythe is also an excellent outfielder, and it is probable that he will be named All-Heartland Conference for the third consecutive year. Toss in his strong and accurate throwing arm, and the fact that he is one of the fastest athletes on the OPSU campus, and you have A SPECIAL BASEBALL PLAYER.







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